Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lib Dem Voice Debate: Lib Dems Face a Spanking North and South

Lib Dem Voice has got a bit random with this pile of steaming tosh talking up the fantasy of prospects of a hung parliament boosting the Lib Dem cause electorally, followed by an inevitable introduction of electoral reform. With the major parties vying for support from the Lib Dem franchisees, whether they are "Beverage", mostly drinking alone in the strangers bar, or non dipsoid "Orangers" ready to skip to the Tories at the first whiff of economic liberalism.

At the time of writing the LDV discussion is book-ended by Guido Fawkes claiming Lib Dems will get spanked in the South and yours truly suggesting Lib Dems will get spanked in the North. And you thought never the twain will meet? Whether it's North, South, East or West it'll be good to see the Lib Dems getting a good spanking.

Let Sir Cyril Smith MBE and his crew be the first to adopt the position.

LOL conclude our comment with this:

Why would *anyone* boost an unpredictable, unreliable and opportunist franchise into holding the balance of power? Your leaders might do anything. And neither Cameron nor Brown would relish the job of dealing with them.

If you want selfishness and for the few not the many, vote Tory. If you want selflessness and for the many not the few, vote Labour. If you want "the-rump-that-didn't-get-spanked" of mavericks, maniacs and over-promoted councillors vote Lib Dem.

Note to diary: Get off the fence next time Chris. You'll end up with a sore arse.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Since you've clearly become a big fan of spanking, you might want to visit this young lady. :o)

Chris Paul said...

Does she spank minty old knights of the realm (MBE) who've been very very very naughty boys?