Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daily Mail: Don't Get Net, Report Clarke Call for McBride's Head

The Daily Mail have former Home Secretary Charles Clarke calling for Damian McBride to be dismissed. The first big scalp for Derek Draper? We'll see.

But meanwhile it is worth noting that The Mail just don't get the net, using the story to voice doubts about Number 10 digital security and imply that Guido Fawkes has accessed this. Clearly McBride's reply to Draper's call for gossip left whatever secure server Number 10 email is hosted on, if he even sent it from that location ... nano seconds after he pressed "send". Mr Draper's email at Labour List could not be considered secure. And I'd guess Draper will have passed on the goss by forwarding McBride's handiwork, to even sleazier bloggers perhaps.

The SP on the goss itself is that it includes information about a sexually transmitted disease, about treatment for a relative with mental health issues, and about secret sexuality. Fairly clear why these would not have been published ... were it not for Guido.

George Osborne's doctor brother Adam, who has of course been in trouble for his sideline as a bit of a drug dealer, has been mentioned. And Nadine Dorries has in effect outed herself by threatening legal action. Not the brightest button on the blouse that one.

UPDATE 16:30: Morus published the above supposed photo of McBride near Brown at Political Betting but has had to climb down as it is no such thing. Though it is unlikely that there isn't a picture of Brown with McBride in frame somewhere. Just as there is surely one of Dan Hannan and Dave Cameron out there somewhere.

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