Saturday, April 11, 2009

Draper's Friendly Fire: Internet Strategy Reaches Fine Pass

STOP PRESS: McBride has apparently "resigned". Brown himself is being quoted saying there is no place for such material in our politics.

FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT 17:19: An email can be libelous but damages depend on circulation. Those republishing any emails or parts of them to millions would have far more to concern them than Damien telling Derek something.

Here's a picture of Derek Draper's Internet Strategy reaching its latest pass. First blood, collateral damage? Accident investigators out there are welcome to explain the arrangement of the two vehicles. And the unfortunate tree. They are on Wilbraham Road in Fallowfield. On the side facing the oncoming traffic. Just towards the Wilmslow Road junction from a small mid-road pedestrian refuge.


Oldrightie said...

"Brown himself is being quoted saying there is no place for such material in our politics."

Meaning "If you get found out"!

Chris Paul said...

You think? I don't agree. Brown wouldn't have any truck with this kind of thing. He's been persistently victimised by the likes of Guido and his team of sock puppets.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I'm sure that if the shoe were on the other foot, Labour blogs would be sanctimoniously full of all the evil things they said.

Your post looks a lot like a threat: "don't publish these emails or you will get sued."

What's the matter Chris, don't you want the world to find out what your pure and kind party does behind the scenes?

Since you seem to be another idiot who needs it explaining to them: Guido pays for his site and his shenanigans himself, McBride was supposed to be an impartial civil servant, paid for by the taxpayer.


Hacked Off said...

Obo, that is just unkind.

Cretinism is a medical problem.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Brown will certainly deny pre-knowledge but Tom Watson is said to have been copied in. Dominoes!


Chris Paul said...

But despite what Dale says - with absolutely no evidence - somebody stopped these shenanigans did they not anonymous? Whelan and Watson are possibles for that role.

Chris Paul said...

Mmmm. Obnoxio. So sharp you might cut yourself.

I welcome publication of the ST and NOTW stories. I don't think the ST or NOTW will get sued. I doubt that much of this material is actionable full stop. Poetic licence is the stock in trade of the blog and indeed of the less noble elements of these politics of ours.

Most of it will be true if nasty. It will not reflect well on those concerned but it will i think be largely true. But I'm guessing. can hardly wait. It'll all be up soon enough.

The papers will publish with care. The true stuff. They might also publish any fibs and part-fibs, pointing out that they are fibs and part-fibs.

If they've got anything about them they might also eviscerate Guido's own history of nastiness. Although he is not a public servant he is very much encouraged - it would seem - by the Conservatives.

The bottom line on this all seems to me Obo to be that Draper was motivated to start LL and indeed TRR by the likes of Guido. But he remembers his Nietzsche and stepped back from the abyss and the monster too. Guido is the one causing this sleaze to be published.

Irresponsible, self-serving, at times brilliant; but essentially a cartoon nasty piece of work at heart.