Monday, April 20, 2009

Dave Cole on Derek Draper: Plus Coming Attack Blog Backlash

(Written at 12:20 today. But I got busy.)

Thoughtful Labour blogger Dave Cole seems to have dropped the "Cole Not Dole" monicker, lest it be thought too whimsical or satirical perhaps in these days of thought crimes, and like LOL he's out to see Derek Draper Drummed Out of our hair. Dave gives the extracts from the rules that could see Draper and McBride flung out of the party.

Seems to me the mistake being made by the fabled "Labour Blogging" meetings of 1 December 2008 and beyond was not -> discussing all the main genres of political blogs. That's fair enough. Though mapping the "existing" properly might have been an idea.

One could line up Labour Home or Bloggers4Labour or Liberal Conspiracy (or invent Labour List) to counter Conservative Home; and line up Tom Harris MP, Cllr Kerron Cross, Hopi Sen, Rupa Huq, Cllr Bob Piper etc etc (or heaven forfend completely fabricate a Frankenstein personality blogger in Derek Draper) to tackle Iain Dale's Diary; and then there's the attack/satire/investigation of Recess Monkey, Sadie Smith, LOL, Ministry of Truth etc etc (or ignore all that and insinuate The Red Rag onto the scene on the QT) as a counterpoint to Guido Fawkes' Order-Order.

The mistake was thinking that any of these "types" could usefully be started up from scratch, be parachuted in AND be controlled from the centre.

And I don't have any problem with attack blogs per se. Now there's a surprise. Within limits. Limits that I sometimes like to test myself. But it is obvious really that while such blogs may contribute to a cause they cannot be official or controlled or answerable to the centre.

Clearly the Red Rag affair provides several opportunities.

First, it provides an opportunity for anyone willing to trade in tittle tattle, gossip, satire, even investigation, to consider where the boundaries are or should be.

Second, it provides an opportunity for opponents to smear political bloggers and investigators willy nilly. Even if we stay within the limits of provable truth, fair comment, putting reasonable questions to accountable persons and institutions.

As mentioned in update to McBride excommunication post. We'll be back to this before long.

UPDATED 23:32: Links added and minor re-writing.


The Lakelander said...


I don't expect you to respond to this but...

If the Labour Party want to appoint a blogger who is:

1. Independently minded of the party.
2. Listened to by all shades of the political spectrum.
3. Prepared to take some stick from Liberal and Conservative bloggers with a good sense of humour.
4. Prepared to bring the fight to those bloggers on their own blogs.

They should look at your blog.

If Labour want a blogger to fight their cause, it should be someone like you - a real blogger and not someone like Derek Draper.

That's why you're the only Labour Blogger on my blog roll.

For what it's worth...

Chris Paul said...

Cheers Lakelander

Very kind of you to say so. There are plenty of good Labour-leaning and left bloggers of all genres.

Draper's biggest strategic mistake - and that of those advising him - was to ignore the majority of what already exists.

And then there's poison boy's judgement too. Why would anyone think it was a good idea to put him in charge of anything? And why would anyone go to him for advice on getting along with their lives?

Best w

Chris P