Monday, April 20, 2009

Damian McBride: Unemployed Shitbag Faces Ex-Communication?

The Hendon and Finchley Times is reporting that Damian McBride could get the big heave ho from the people's party. More power to their elbow ...

So long as they don't upset Guido's pint of Guinness (Hat tip). As thought crimes go McBride's were pretty serious. Even though the dynamic duo of McBride and Draper claim they shelved their attack blog. But the Finchley and Golders Green CLP may want to consider the 1,784,094 hate crimes that McBride actually committed. The majority against card-carrying Labour Party members.

UPDATE 21:10: Guido's death by a thousand cuts continues. Can't get very excited at all about Guido's leaked Draper digi-nonsense and grid. The Red Star Belgrade underlay, the lack of useful content, and the appalling layout give away the Student-Union-Hack-Not-Grown-Up credentials of the progenitor of this tosh. Powerpoint becomes pointless.

On a more serious note I can envisage attempts by anti-libertarians and anti-free speech elements at all points on the political spectrum to try to close down the entire normal rough and tumble of political communication over all this. I'd be betting on it being "Liberals" who make the move. Thanks again Derek, Damian.


Dave Cole said...

I agree. This still leaves Draper.

Jimmy said...

I'm inclined to opt out of this feeding frenzy. I'm not partial to them. The man's lost his job. Enough.