Sunday, April 19, 2009

Moral Champ Guido Fawkes: Continues Low Smear Campaign

Seems to me that Guido is quite simply trying to smear Labour Party General Secretary Ray Collins by associating a meeting on 1 December 2008 - about Labour blogging etc - with the very peculiar and almost Guidoesque "shit - redacted - bum - cock - redacted - fuck - bollocks - shit - redacted - lezzers - titties" outburst of Damian McBride responding to fellow ugly mind-er Derek Draper. A so weak NOTW story today. And on he goes HERE and this is my comment:

April 19, 2009 at 11:50 pm Chris Paul says:

Must say this remains terribly thin Guido, you champion of "fair play and morality" you.
If you happen to believe that you can “parachute things in”, whether PPCs or political blogs, and you can see a lack of counterpoint to both the thoughtful and policy-based Conservative Home and the thoughtful and attack-based Order-Order, then why should you stop at the former?
There is actually nothing wrong - within these people’s parachutist mentality - for planning to provide both sorts of counter-blog from the centre.
There’s all sorts wrong with Labour List - not least most of the Editor’s own contributions - but that is intended to be a thoughtful, policy-based group blog and an answer to Conservative Home. And while it’s still no match for Tim and Jonathan’s professionalism and discipline it isn’t a completely lost cause. It could yet be sorted out.
There’s nothing however wrong with the idea of Red Rag - being a counter-balance to Order-Order and other attack blogs of the right - except possibly the idea that people so close to the party centre could possibly sort such a thing out.
The problem is with the McBride drivel you have exposed, but which the idiot Draper did not publish; it is not with the idea of an attack blog that targets Tories with investigative stories and calls for them to be accountable. Is it?
That being so why shouldn’t people consider setting up both flavours of blog?
You’re smearing Collins (and Maguire but that’s less of a problem) and really, since your Road to Damascus moment and your lectures to the world that’s got to be disappointing.

UPDATE Mon 00:36: Guido continues to run with his speculations. Almost looks like Guido is blogging too many sheets to the wind, even by his standards. Actionable perhaps? My comment:

This is getting thinner and thinner Guido. I'm getting worried . You need an email indicating it was still "on" to make your case. The lack of email calling anything off is irrelevant. Wasn't Dale and others spinning the FACT that Guido had emails PROVING this was not stood down until two weeks ago? Did you tell Dale a porky? Is it really the case that you have nothing after 13 Jan indicating that any of these childish smears were going forward?
Perhaps these twats finally realised that Damian's number 10 email and Derek's account were not secure. Perhaps DD just rang McBride and told him to forget it (FOYSDC!) or vice versa?
And you have absolutely nothing on which to base your attack on Ray Collins.


Robert said...

The fact is these emails opened up a gate way for the Tories, it has badly hurt New labour at a time when a women has lost a child, many people in my area are saying labour should be ashamed. It has hurt labour badly or should I say new labour.

The big problem of course the people who are involved are close to the leader.

If you sling mud you better be sure your not left with a pile of it on your face.

Chris Paul said...

Can't disagree Robert, though there is a question of how badly, McBride and Draper DID NOT publish any of this guff, and Guido seems to be struggling to prove they hadn't shelved it as the very terrible idea it clearly was ...

But don't you agree with me that Guido is now simply doing what he says McBride did? Or planned to do? Smearing people for the hell of it?

Jimmy said...


What do you mean "now"?