Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dog Bites Man: Labour Insiders Diss Tories Exclusive

Would you say Iain Dale and Mister GuF count as "senior Tory politicians"? The BBC website has the smearees getting this accolade being Dave Cameron and GOO Osborne. About whom there have allegedly been some "groundless" stories in e-gossip. But Guido seems to think the story is in fact about GuF and Dale.

It's got to be a slow news day when "Labour insiders secretly say top Tories are muppets" makes the front page of the Telegraph. It is a bank holiday weekend I suppose. Tory Bear seems to think this non-story could be curtains for Derek Draper, above completely denying that McBride is pulling his string. This story's just now momentarily at the top of the 10:30 BBC N24 bulletin. Ahead of Somali pirates and a 25% rally in USA markets. The world's gone mad.

MORE: Iain Dale claims "It's All About ME I Tell You". And Dizzy has a screen grab (below) of a putative lefty scurrilous blog, name of TheRedRag. A domain name that anyone could have registered. Including Guido or Dizzy. And that has not actually been launched. Perhaps someone should get it up and running?

Tomorrow's papers will presumably have revelations about the smears that never happened. Which, come to think of it, is a better platform than WordPress. Are we going to witness a thought criminal getting hung for not stealing a sheep or a lamb?

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