Saturday, April 11, 2009

Paradox Oh Paradox: Tories Self Publish Smears That Weren't

Can hardly contain my excitement. Iain Dale is due to pop up on the BBC. Will be just a shade less risible to hear Dale moaning about Mr McBride and the "poetic licence" and "libel" and "untruths" than it was when Guido was doing it. But what a paradox. This was "poetic licence" and "smears" that ... wait for it ... never actually happened. Though it is about to. As thanks to the sterling work of Mister GuF and Mister Dale the juvenile nonsense that Mister McBride Draper saw fit NOT TO PUBLISH is being lined up for publication.

UPDATE 14:03: Dale has just claimed that McBride is supposed to be politically impartial. That isn't true. Even Mister GuF got that right.

UPDATE 14:04: Dale has ludicrously claimed that this is like Richard Nixon.

UPDATE 14:05: Dale says Dorries is considering legal action over things that McBride DID NOT PUBLISH.

UPDATE 14:06: Dale has just smeared Tom Watson MP, stating that he is implicated because he "sits next to" McBride.

UPDATE 14:53: Blog comments going round suggest that there are three more Labour insiders in the loop in some way. Derek Draper says he asked his mates for gossip.


Paul Pinfield said...

Chris, as I mentioned on LabourLost, if there is more than one recipient or if the email(s) were forwarded, it amounts to publication. You suggest that there are three more people involved.

I can foresee money changing hands via the courts...

Chris Paul said...

Yes Paul. I know it amounts to publication. But damage obviously depends on circulation and three or five is not a big audience. And it is also an audience which can very easily be recontacted and informed - if there were any doubt - which parts of the allegations were untrue or un-evidenced and so on.

Guido and his canary are the ones causing the more effective and wide publication. The audience of five insiders can be easily dealt with. The ST and NOTW audiences cannot be so easily addressed to correct errors.