Monday, April 27, 2009

Ghost in the Machine: Time to Exorcise All Drapery from 'eLL

Speaking of the ghost of dear Derek Draper, isn't it about time that this link box (right) was removed by the real editors of Labour List? Delboy has NOT updated his personal attack and, in strange juxtaposition, psychotherapy work blog since Friday 3 April 2009. And the twit last
twittered a tweet on Monday 6 April 2009, fully 21 days ago. This prime space should be used for something more constructive Mr Draper. This really won't do. You can't save your inevitable resignation up until Guido Fawkes produces another installment. If he has any. If you're gone anything he has on your antics will be diluted. If he hasn't he may find something. But you Derek should get yourself out of Labour List pronto.

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