Thursday, April 09, 2009

Liar Leech MP: Claims Post Office Lost Road Tax Reminder

Many thanks to members of the John Leech MP fan club who have made comments at the story about Leech's fibs over Climate Change. These draw my attention to this story of failure, incompetence and blaming others. Clearly the Manchester Evening News have joined the boy Leech in losing the plot as they describe this most junior MP as "Top". He's not, he's "bottom".

And while we're in correcting the MEN mode he's not "the" Lib Dem spokesperson on transport, he's number two or three. They virtually all have self-aggrandising non-posts like this.

As he is such an incorrigible fibber I absolutely refuse to believe his DVLA reminder was "lost in the post". Unless Mr Leech can produce a daily log of all incoming personal correspondence for the last six months - which shows that this item s not there - those of us who know his fibbing ways are bound to think the worst. He's human and he's made a mistake, again. Not the end of the world John. As mistakes go it's a mini. But making this fuss? Not smart. Can't a-ford to look petulant. Etc etc.

MP's tax disc error

TOP MP John Leech ... was spotted driving his blue Mini Cooper in his constituency with a disc that expired last month.
It is illegal to drive without a valid tax disc.
The MP, who is the Liberal Democrats' spokesman on transport, was snapped as he parked up outside his constituency office last week.
He has put it down to an 'oversight' and says the first he knew that the tax had expired was when he was contacted by his press officer yesterday. Mr Leech told the MEN he had since parked his car on private land until he renews the duty.
He added that he never received the reminder letter usually sent by the DVLA to motorists when a vehicle's tax is up for renewal.
The politician, who will have to rely on public transport to do his constituency work while the matter is resolved, said: "I wasn't aware it was out of date because I hadn't had a reminder.
"I think it's probably fair to say that's what normally alerts people that their disc is about to expire.
"I've taken my car off the road and I'm in the process of renewing my tax. Unfortunately the systems in place are not very helpful and I've spent a lot of time on an automated telephone system.
"Clearly I don't have a valid tax disc and that is ultimately my fault but I do feel a bit annoyed that I've not received a reminder. I'd like to think people recognise I'm not just stupid enough not to renew my car tax."
Mr Leech said he was finding the renewal system `a complete nightmare' and was being delayed because his car log book is in London and he is waiting for new insurance documents to arrive.
He said he believed the reminder letter may have got lost in the post and added: "I will be making a serious complaint to the DVLA and the Royal Mail because it's completely unacceptable. I can't do my job if I can't get around to see people."
A spokesman for the DVLA declined to comment on the case.

UPDATE 14:19: Photograph of John "Hospital Hoax" Leech MP driving illegally on Tuesday 8 April, courtesy of South Manchester Reporter.


Anonymous said...

I see on his blog that David Ottewell has repeated the same silly claim that Leech is the Lib Dems transport man. He is not.

That's Norman Baker.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Mr Leech considers it the responsibility of the DVLA to chivvy him into renewing his tax disc and that it's their fault he forgot to renew.

Perhaps my car is a special model, but it comes with a built in reminder of when the current tax disc expires.

It's a circular piece of paper in the bottom corner of the windscreen that has a date on it...

lorenzo23 said...

What he should have done was blame the Labour Government for closing all the Post Offices in the Constituency so he couldn't renew on time.

Anonymous said...

How ridiculous! I'm bemused by the bit that says Mr. Leech will have to use public transport while the issue is resolved!
RESOLVED!! It takes 15 minutes Mr. Leech - take appropriate documents to Post Office - Insurance, MOT and registration document if you can't find your DVLA reminder - and then pay the appropriate fee. Millions upon millions of your fellow citizens manage to do this - so why can't you?

Chris Paul said...

Correct anonymous 22:19

But Leech is saying that his insurance documents are not available. His MOT is unmentioned. His registration documents in London.

Which is very odd. If he were even remotely worthy to be an MP he'd be on top of all this trivial stuff.

Or if he wasn't he'd at least have the political nous to NOT complain that POSTIES ATE HIS HAMSTER.

The other documents are at his London address apparently. Where allegedly he doesn't have his car. As that gets left in Mcr and he allegedly uses the train. Greener you see to organise things like that.

It's very unworthy I know but this had me wondering whether Leech had an MOT or insurance currently. And even whether he was running up and down the motorway in his mini - uninsured and untaxed even - and pretending to be on the train. And claiming for the train when he was driving even.

But that's just unworthy thoughts.