Sunday, April 12, 2009

News Of The Screws: Boring and Lowest Selling Issue Ever?

This story continues to be a bit of a damp squib as the News of the World finally speak their brains too. The above is their graphic summing up the (now already tedious, tomorrow morning impossibly tedious) story. All the Sundays are going to have a truly awful sales week.

UPDATE Sun 09:51: The NOTW (Obama Brother) and the Sunday Express (NHS) did not run with Tory-sleaze-gate as their front page leads.


Anonymous said...

Well I've just been down to my local newsagents and they've sold out of every paper on the news stand.

Mind you, they said that a nice chap called Tom Watson had bought the lot.

I wonder why?

Chris Paul said...

That does sound a bit odd Lakelander. Despite Iain Dale's TV and Twitter and Blog outburst stating that Watson was copied in to the emails he doesn't seem to have been. He's been terribly wronged by this gang of big boy Tory bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes. It's all so very yawn isn't it? No-one could possibly be interested. Everything is going swimmingly and Labour will have an increased majority next time because not a soul is interested in the Tory bore stories.