Monday, April 27, 2009

PPC Selections: Eastleigh Loses Chump, Erith & Thames "Bribe"?

"Was this Dan Clarke a Libdemologist all along?" I wondered on reading reading this putrescent yellow toss. Clearly Danny Boy would not have been selected if nasty smug chancer Chris Huhne's Eastleigh seat was even close to winnable. But I really don't know how local Labour parties can choose people who are not, at very least, capable of being loyal and hard-working. What a self-absorbed rat fink! Excellent Huhne supporter material.

MEANWHILE: The saga of Erith and Thamesmead continues to anger, excite and bemuse. A recent twist being some alleged "bribes" re Olympics legacy.


Play Up Pompeii said...

Maybe you would care to cast your expert tea-leaf reading predictive skills towards the Eastleigh seat and tell us who you think might win it come the election.

Surely you are not going to claim that Labour will. They had no chance before and even less now.

Maybe you want to see the Tory PPC win - a woman whose views on asylum and immigration are only slightly to the left of Phil Woolas.

Chris Paul said...

Ahhh, Phil Woolas? A kind of latter day Godwin's Law effort is it? The kid is muchly misunderstood but insofar as he is a gnarled old stop at nothing apparatchik that would be grappling with Lib Dem monsters in O&S that's done that do him.

On your earlier paragraphs PUP you're not showing any signs of reading ability as if you had read my comments at LabourHome you will understand that I completely understand that in the case of Eastleigh for one Labour is an old nag trailing the field and likely to stumble and need dispatching at any point.

Huhne is a hoon, but I would certainly rather he wins than Mrs Attila. It is however vital that Labour fight the seat as well as possible. To do otherwise would help the Tories.

Watch the blog for some further information about the former PPC muppet now gained by the Lib Dems as a foot soldier. You really are welcome to the silly little sod.

Chris Paul said...

done that to him, sorry