Monday, April 27, 2009

Guido Fawkes: Does Caner Dave Count as "Drugs Hypocrite"?

As an essential part of Paul Staines' aka Guido Fawkes', Mister GuF's conspiracy to replace wimpy Dave Cameron at the top of the Conservative Party with "New Iron Lady" and Stepford ex-Wife Nadine Dorries, the GuFster has done two things. First, he's uploaded a tantalising rave photo triptych which some may believe is the current Messiah DC, caned off his possibly diseased nuts - he did once go to the clap clinic after all - at one of GuF's illegal raves.

Guido also posts a link to the Vice Land blog - slogan: "Bringing back Thatcherism one rave at a time". This carries an interview with older, wiser GuFfy (42) who claims (a) to have completely outgrown the pharmaceutical caning of his youth and (b) that "I can’t remember most of the details. I would only trash a politician who was a drugs hypocrite."

So, given the post, is Dave Cameron a drugs hypocrite? Because he has been rather coy about his own consumption? Apart that is from the near-expulsion from Eton where "a bigger boy did it". Or have Dave and Andy taken this to a Focus Group and asked GuF to reach out to the caners who hold the balance of power in the land?

Somebody, presumably Mister GuF, seems to have disabled the video at The Vice, which according to that blog includes a glimpse of Dave "on one matey" at 12 seconds in. Unless it is just Mac playing up? The , I mean N on the keyboard is a bugger certainly. UPDATE: 19:15, it was the plug ins on Mac 4. So here you go, and god most of them look glum, were Guido's pills snide?:

There is certainly a PG sticker on the comments. These also confirm that class a drugs rot your brains. That's why Dave can't come up with a policy even if he tries all day long, which he doesn't. Come to think of it there is a PG sticker on the whole site.

Nadine Dorries for PM! She doesn't like "The Vice". She is a church-going, sternly puritan at all times, narc-abolitionist, totally unintellectual, but with balls of steel. What kids today really need! And what Guido is clearly working toward.

FOOTNOTE: Should the YouTube problem be chez Mac I'll stick it up here in a moment. Son is hitting his drums now to warm up for his proper gig, as a punter that is, so Mac 1 is free. The rules are crystal meth clear on the image(s):


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Dick the Prick said...

Chris man - that was genuinely funny. Good man. I think it appears most people reckon it ain't Fotherington Cameron - you missed a Times article eulogizing Sam Cameron nee Sheffield and her buddyship with Tricky from Massive Attack 'of all people' chortle err... apparently they played pool one afternoon.

Hey ho - ebb and perhaps ebb of British media.

Chris Paul said...

ebb and ebb, cheer Dick

Dick the Prick said...

Many are watching their salary's plummet. I said 6 months ago 10% cut. I genuinely am going for soft landing.

Chris Paul said...

The flow starts again tomorrow, the tide can only go out so far.

Listening to a silly little song about Cyril Smith MP ... not many people get songs written about them while they're still alive now do they. John Kettley was one. Maggie Thatcher another. And Cyril Smith MP. The boys may have been on the mescal before they laid the track down.

Blogpost on it tomorrow. Alas no video at the time of writing. But perhaps something could be organised ...

Chris Paul said...

PS On the identification of the heir to blair, or not, I'd say there are *two* similar sorts in the vid. the one on the youtube title (not Dave) and the one in Guido's triptych. Of one thing I think we can be reasonably sure. That is that Nads was not in the clip. She was building an empire of fibs and a dynasty of kitten heels.

sorted for Etons and whizz said...

Cam-moron looked more lucid on that dodgy dawn in 1988 than he often does in da House now.

The tories still dance like that now. A vacant soft shoe shuffle.

jailhouselawyer said...

I have published the Labour poster for the next election featuring Lord Snooty of Bullingdon Oxford Restaurant Trasher on my blog.

Because of the Guff warning I nicked the photos of the bloke who ain't Dave the Rave. Still waiting for his lawyers to contact me.

I have also pointed out that in the video of David Cameron's speech at the Tory Spring Cheltenham Forum, that he pinches his nose 5 times in the manner like those with a raging cocaine habit. I noted the same with his video shot in India.