Thursday, April 09, 2009

Road Tax Gate: Liar Leech MP Blames Posties For His Failure

The thing causing the most concern in Manchester over John Leech's Road Tax Gate is not the event itself. For goodness sake! Most citizens have been late with a Road Tax renewal. Or had a late MOT test. Or whatever, human error. But VERY FEW of the rest of us BLAME POSTIES like John Leech MP has done.

It's no secret that I personally think that John Leech MP is a very weak individual, a liar, a cheat, and a smarmy nasty. But this small incident of being caught out making an error and blaming the local postie is going to go down as well as, oh I don't know, sticking up for a rapist, or spending twice the election limit.

John Leech MP is a horror bag, make no mistake.

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Ben said...

'sticking up for a rapist' is quite a big jump in logic from the tax gate, and it may be worth remembering that posties are humans too and therefore your statement of 'Or whatever, human error' must also be applicable to them, making it very possible that it was the postman's fault. Or perhaps I should remind you of all the lies your party comes out with on an almost daily basis? or should I point out that the lies your party makes cost people jobs, homes and lives, and have resulted in a society where we have no civil rights anymore? a little worse than road tax methinks. When exactly are pathetic people like you going to stop bitching party politics and actually start being progressive? Its about making this a better world for us all, not pointing out peoples mistakes and bickering about it, how exactly is that going to help anyone? I assumed that everyone wants to help each other out, regardless of their political beliefs, but I was wrong, you and your party are obviously more concerned with pointing out peoples mistakes than actually doing anything good. Is it perhaps to draw attention away from the fact that labour has messed everything up? Tough one that.....