Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tomlinson Death: "Baton Cop" Reminds of Lynndie England

This Guardian video is not conclusive by any means. But it doesn't look good now does it? What happened before hand? In the half hour before Ian Tomlinson was batoned on the back of his leg? And then barged over? And especially in the five minutes or so before this sequence begins?

What had these members of Boris Johnson's own police force - demanding that hot seat was a very big mistake from the clown Bozzer - been up to earlier in the day?

There is some speculation from a fellow Chris living in St Pauls, Bristol. Or more accurately from one of Chris's commenters. It may come to nothing. But it's interesting.

The attitude there reminds me of Ian "Class War" Bone - the anarcho-egotist who re-emerged with some unchecked enthusiasm for the Fred the Shred brickings - but the juxtaposition of pictures here is interesting. BristleKRS (Bristol Chris) has a commenter who reckons the police "clot" attending closely on the baton and the barge featured in the Guardian video are also the "clot" in this staged-looking picture for the old family album:

And this picture above I must say somehow - I cannot satisfactorily explain myself, though Charles and Lynndie have now done their time and might have answered CIA adverts for London manoeuvres - reminds me of this one here:

Do you think that the baton copper somehow reminds of Lynndie? Something about the "power pose"? And that his/her sidekick looks just a bit like Charles? As BristleKRS says the identification of "baton cop" and company with the officers at the Tomlinson scene (below) is not conclusive. They don't appear to be the bargers. But the surveillance society and the ubiquitous camera phone cut both ways as Boris' police are now discovering.

FOOTNOTE: The Lib Dems seem to be claiming credit for calling for a criminal investigation. However David Howarth MP (Shadow Justice) is saying he has in fact complained about policing of the Climate Change demo, not the Tomlinson incident. Green AM Jenny Jones - a member of the Police Authority - was on last night suggesting that pre-emptive "kettling" was the wrong approach. Howarth does suggest that police and media hype contributed. In doing that he's missing out the likes of Anarcho-shill Iain "Mad Dog" Bone and his "this is only the start" rhetoric.

What will Police overseer in chief Boris Johnson do about this? Is he a fit person to be Mayor, never mind Chair of the Police Authority? Being elected as a clown is all very well, but running London is a serious task and Boris is a very naughty boy.


Ian Tomlinson said...

I fought the law and the law won.

no name no pack drill said...

I haven't been to London for years but I thought there was 2 police forces in London the Met and the City police now which force does Boris control and which area did this happen,just askin.