Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Cable Television: Vince Gets Coverage Because George is Piss Poor

Iain Dale asks why Vince Cable is getting such an easy ride from the mass media. His latest wittering around scrapping the 50% aspiration (not target) for students going into HE is populist but would have little effect on the public finances in the short or medium term.

Vince Cable gets an easy enough ride. But it's a wonder really that he's getting a ride at all. He's finance spokesman for the third party. A third party who are looking fairly lost to be honest. Who are losing their way in their local fiefdoms such as islington and Liverpool. And who have little or no coherent national policy. They are in fact an apolitical franchise spreading local misery and hopelessness.

The fact Cable is getting such coverage speaks volumes for George Osborne and even Ken Clarke's success, or rather lack of it, in articulating anything much at all. And when GOO plunges in he shows himself to be a very weak, arm bands kind of swimmer.

As reported for example by Stephen Tall at LDV.


Anonymous said...

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Chris Paul said...

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