Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Who Gives Best Lib Dem Oral?: Sack Cyril Smith From List

Lib Dem Voice are running a public poll on the matter of who is the greatest living orator in their tradition. They have included the bare-bottom smacker, ballbag fondler, asbestos arse licker, and miscarrier of sex murder justice Sir Cyril Smith MBE in their short list. Commenters have suggested towards twenty further nominees for the list. Blooming Lib Dems! All over the place. Paddy Pantsdown and Shirl the Pearl are running away with it so far.

Here's my comment:

Cyril Smith?

He could not orate his way out of a paper bag. We know for sure that one or two of his more extended parliamentary contributions were written for him by the Health and Safety nightmare that is the Asbestos Industry. He delivered one of them - with his chums in the gallery - even though an amendment and not the substantive motion was being put.
And he had a nice line in kangeroo courts involving vulnerable youth being persuaded to take a beating from his own fair hands rather than other consequences.
And of course he manufactured outrage at any delay in the wrongful conviction of Stefan Kiszko with a Lib Dem escaping prison for many years due to this gross error.
Please take Cyril off this list. He is and always was a ******* disgrace. Tell Dave Hennigan (Cyril's number one fan) to go swivel.

I've voted for John Pardoe. Not because he's any good on the stump. But as a protest at the inclusion of the large than life fiddler on the hoof. Pardoe will get next to no votes in his own right. This makes him a perfect avenue for a protest vote. Fly, fly my pretties, fly. (Misquote by the way, not even close).


Anonymous said...

What is it with these hopeless Lib Dems? Is their pool of talent so shallow that Ee bah gum Cyril can make a shortlist of best orators?

The man could speak alright. Just let Turner and Newall wind him up then watch him go. Wasn't much good without a script, mind.

This fever seems to be catching. Another useless Lib Dem, Chris Davies MEP, was trying to drum up some support for Cyril to chair the first session of the new Parliament in Strasbourg t'other day.


Lunatics the lot of em.

The Lakelander said...

My vote would have to go to the late, lamented Rinka

Chris Paul said...

Chris Davies MEP appears to be a new epicentre for badly behaving Libdemologists. The new Cyril. There was that racist drunkard in the Tesco debacle worked or works for him. And that very bad penny indeed who turned up in the bogs "going prepared" in another "boys will be boys" type incident and has moved on to be involved in the gloating over by-elections caused by deaths in office in St Helens.

Presumably Chris'll also be bigging up Sajjad Karim MEP again? As the only Asian/Muslim candidate high enough in a list to be elected. That was vitally important to Chris last time round in his disgracefully communalist campaign.

Chris Paul said...

Rinka, ahhh, poor Rinka, took a bullet intended for a troublesome Libdemologist .... allegedly.

Rochdale Rapper said...

Cyril Smith has been a great orator.
He talked his way out of a prison sentence several times.

His public silence during Rinkagate was golden.

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

Judy Finegan's blog mentions "nice old man" Cyril charming them in that there London recently.

Strange thing is RAW's comments never popped out into public view after Judy's liberal moderation.