Monday, April 13, 2009

Tory Bogus Sleaze: Can Gordon Apologize and Belittle GuF Story?

Iain Dale - the Labour Party's Favourite Boy Blogger - is in danger of becoming a National Treasure. Dropped by the Telegraph he has bounced back to author three columns for them in four days. Plus one fort the Mail on Sunday. About Richard Nixon.

In my view Gordon Brown should skilfully apologise yet point out what a load of crap this Tory attack is. Yes, McBride has lost his way. But this is "Dog Doesn't Bite Man". Nutty email exchanges. Three months ago. Much of it based on Tory-originated tea room gossip. But none of it published. Or even close to being published.

Here's Dale's latest Telegraph diatribe. And here's my response on his blog:

Messing up Dale's Easter plans? How rude.
But as Clive says that was Fawkes.
Interesting contrast in the paper reviews. Tim Mandrake simply spewing out Tory spin. There was some minty old chap on BBC N24 doing similar earlier. Mandrake even managed to mention Watergate.
OMG you Tories and your high horses. Obviously McBride is a fool, and Draper is the man to tease the fool out of any comleague. But the over-reaction on all this juvenalia is going to come back and bite you. The Mirror man thought it all a bit tedious and for the in crowd. I tend to agree.
It's not Watergate. It is actually a Dog Doesn't Bite Man story. Ridiculous crap in stupid email. Doh! Sent from/to number 10 email addresses. Not published. No harm done. Until GuF intervenes. Who can blame him? That's his game. Hypocritical sleazer. You'd have perhaps hoped for some fellow feeling as he's pretending to show for Maguire. But no.
One thing that gnawing at me is the remarks of John Torode (Spectator, reviewing papers Saturday towards midnight) who said categorically that all these things, or at least most of these things, could be heard for months reverberating in the bowels of power.
This would be why Dotty Dorries would say that the smears about her activities had been slander (in the tea room) and were therefore libel (on the minimally circulated email and the unpublished blog).
However, Private Eye or TheRedRag or whoever could accurately report:
"There is a story going round the HoC tea room that wingnut MP Nadine Dorries shagged married MP X over the course of an away weekend at Y on Z dates. These stories go on to allege that both Dorries and MP X were carpeted by top Tories when their secret hob nobbling was discovered. ND has been through two or three husbands so far.
"We can now exclusively reveal that Nadine and MP X say it's a complete fabrication, this story, that their Tory colleagues have been spreading, that it is complete bollocks.
"Clearly as Nadine Dorries is such an honourable member who never fibs that must be the end of this disgraceful self-fragging Tory innuendo."
Meanwhile news emerges that LabourList Editor is not a post that GB controls. But Dezzer must walk.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't find this on Iain Dale's blog - where is it?

Chris Paul said...

I'd imagine that Iain has removed the comment. Free speech and all. Perhaps my spoof Private Eye, RedRag, or Guido Fawkes for that matter prose was too rich?

Nadine Dorries MP has just been on doing her confused and word-twisted best to smear Tom Watson MP ... because he used to sit near McBride. And she suggests that as McBride takes proper work instructions direct from Gordon Brown that Gordon is in on this nonsense he has presumably done in his own time. And she even suggests that Brown has read gibberish and tuff on her so-called blog that has so offended him that he's called McPoison down on her.

Nadine Dorries is not only a long-time habitual liar, a hypocrite who was pro-choice in Hazel Grove and now look at her, and a greedy and self-serving individual, but she's also showing classic delusions of grandeur here. She thinks MPs should get £120,000 plus all manner of allowances. And she is yet to mention her employing her own daughter in a top-rank parliamentary job, more or less straight out of college when an internship would be more usual.

She's not going to sue anyone. She's being a muppet. Tory high ups should call her off. She is herself now deep into smear territory.

John Torode of the Spectator suggested on BBC News Channel (Saturday late paper review) that most of these nasty and otherwise stories were already circulating, Nadine herself stated that this story had been slander (i.e. when circulated by Tories in the tea room) and was therefore libel (when included in a sleazy email, not itself intended for publication, and apparently spiked from publication in any form). In this she revealed that the story was already doing the rounds.

So, is it true that this story about Nadine was already circulating as she implies, starting among Tories? And the same goes for all the other stories.

Perhaps John Torode or others could do us all a favour and explain which stories were already circulating?

Paul Halsall said...

It's all a bit odd. Nothing in the Osborne story was not already in the NOTW in October -