Friday, May 01, 2009

Cision Blog Rankings: Labour of Love Better Than Expected

SPIT! SPIT! and DEEP SWALLOW. I'd have to agree with Iain Dale's point of view. We sometimes do you know. Agree. And there have been times when we have even said so. Obviously Iain doesn't. He's a bit shy. But I'll not link to any of those just now anyway.

Iain's right. It's quite a surprise to see Labour of Love listed at Number 30: UK Top 50 Blogs - that's ALL blogs by the way, not just political witterings - by some folk called Cision. Tenth in the Political category. 11th if we decide Bloggerheads, ranked 15, is Politics rather than Marketing. Actually it is both. And a damn sight better at marketing than politics. According to My Gran, 103 last month, really.

Then again, as this is all blogs across all sectors, it would have to be a surprise to see Iain Dale ranked second. He couldn't even win an Orwell! He _couldn't_ win an Orwell. _Couldn't_ win an Orwell. _What_ a *fucking* _wanker_! Sang the terraces.

There are lots of omissions. Then again there were and still are lots of quirks in the rankings produced by Iain himself in his own name, and latterly through his organ Total Politics.

In the post Iain reels off some obvious omissions of the left, right and centre. Mostly group blogs as it goes. Conservative Home, arguably the greatest omission of the lot, he doesn't raise.

It is always a pleasure to exceed expectations. Labour of Love has been consistently ranked a top-50 to top-100 political blog by Iain's readers. Somewhere around 30th among these for actual traffic. Sometimes in the top-20 of referrers-to-Iain. By some way the most important measure of blog-portance. We are not worthy oh great Iain! But LOL's not 11th in anything quantitative anyway. Not yet.

We would like to think that the Cision list is based on quality rather than quantity, on fresh not stale, on stone truth over spin cycle, on humble insight over feeble bollocks, on self deprecation over stonking hubris, on climactic potential (going forward) rather than statwank achievement (going nowhere). We'd like to thank our parents, and blah de blah de blah...

That Cision List in full (nicked their code and the result's not so pretty) (stripped out all the code and corrected link 49):

1 Technology
2 Politics
3 Politics
4 Science
5 Politics
6 Technology
7 Finance
8 Technology
9 Technology
10 Politics
11 Politics
12 Economics
13 Technology
14 Politics
15 Marketing
16 Technology<
17 Technology
18 Politics
19 Humour
20 Games
21 Technology
22 Politics
23 Technology
24 Technology
26 Design
27 Design
28 Technology
29 Politics
30 Politics
31 Comics
32 Food
33 Marketing
34 Media
35 Technology
36 Technology
37 Politics
38 Sport
39 Games
40 Technology
42 Technology
43 Technology
44 Photography
45 Politics
46 Politics
47 Celebrity
48 Technology
49 Technology
50 Technology

FOOTNOTE Fri 10:19: The Cision methodology is interesting and far more robust than say the Total Politics rankings. Based on opt-in top-ten list creation from a network emanating from the deeply conservative Iain Dale's Diary. This one is based on in-bound links, traffic, number of updates, total posts, plus a little Cision nous ... and there you have it.

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James said...

Hahaha, I can't believe Dale has the balls to criticise that list when the method used to create the Totalpolitics list was so completely fucking stupid.