Friday, May 15, 2009

Erith and Thamesmead Selection: Posts From 7:40 am

LOL will be posting a series of thoughts tomorrow about the Erith and Thamesmead selection. This post may get overwritten when the first of these arrives at 7:40 am.

In the meantime you're welcome to use comments for any and all reasonable discourse on the way we live now.


Anonymous said...


Does anyone know whats going on with Balls + Cooper.

Are the tales of injunctions correct.??

Chris Paul said...

No idea. Their runnings have of course already been scrutinised. And, hilariously (??), they were used as a stick to beat poor Hazey with in the Eye, they having paid CGT and all.

This post is supposed to be future scheduled, and I've reposted it for 7:40 am. But I will now adapt the text to allow for any and all night owls to discuss what's what.

Question Time was a bit hairy at times. Even though Ming and Beckett transgressions were very slight. No idea about May, at this stage ...

Anonymous said...

Sun poll puts Labour on 22%.

Things are looking up, reports Paul.

Circle the wagons. The only thing to fear is fear itself ... and yet another bit of bollocks from the labour of bollocks.

Chris Paul said...

Good job the general election's a year away, eh? Mr bollocks on the brain. Did Sir Cyril weigh yours for you then? You do know he wasn't actually a medical practitioner? he didn't get his MBE for services to urology or gluteal physiotherapy.

Have you actually got anything to say? Come on, you're anonymous. You might as well "speak your brains", if there's anything there to speak.

Rochdale Rapper said...

Dave knows that Paul Rowen and Cyril Smith are on thin ice.

Given their collective weight - that is a big cold icy splash just about to happen.

Get the warm sponge ready...

Get A Grip said...

Unless there are more allegations on the way, I think Balls + Cooper are in the clear. In fact they got into trouble in the first place by playing by the rules, both by letter and law.

Chris Paul said...

Sounds about right to me. Shahed Malik and Clare Short charges seem very thin on first reading.

Malik suggested that the Telegraph had had snoopers in his constituency for a week before these "revelations". And I found his explanation re Council Tax penalties and even his OTT TV pretty reasonable in the context.

Short seems to have spotted and acted on a mistake, back in 2008. While mistake regrettable that seems as it should be when one occurs.

There is a danger that the Telegraph are stretching things too thin.