Friday, May 15, 2009

Erith and Thamesmead Selection: Trouble Shooting 1

Couple of days ago we listed the standard stages in selection of a Labour PPC. Please read in conjunction with Cllr Louise Baldock observations in comments. Most often this all proceeds smoothly with little or no controversy. Without anyone gaming the system. But there are times when it does not. We put this together in order to be able to examine the Erith and Thamesmead issues and controversies.

Before we go on here is a cryptic summary:

1. Vacancy? 2. Shortlist of one? Or Contest? 3. Procedures Secretary etc appointed 4. CLP representations to NEC on AWS 5. NEC decides AWS, advertises. 6. Sounding off by grumpy men 7. Sectarian Bloggers cast aspersions 8. Candidates including BME apply with pro forma CVs 9. Sort out campaigns 10. Da Commitee decide on Da Longlist 11. Long-listees obtain membership list 12. Da Committee decide target Shortlist Size ...

13. Initial constituency hustings? 14. Branch and affiliate events and endorsements 15. Branches choose one open and one BME nominee 16. Unions and affiliates, such as Socialist Societies and Co-op Parties also endorse 17. Scores on the doors and shortlist 18. More campaigning 19. Applications for PV status 20. Final Hustings and Selection called ...

21. Hustings and vote by STV 22. Ballot Boxes are opened to gasps and mostly yawns. "Live" ones first. Then "postals". Often more gasps than yawns at these 23. Transfers until winner reaches quota 24. PPC is declared 25. Constituency united behind winner.

The NEC naturally appoint Labour's National and Regional Offices to provide back up for local officers. The region or the centre can even take over if there are any problems.

There are perhaps six major NEC or Party Official interventions to consider in the case of Erith and Thamesmead. Now read on. Next installment 08:10.

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