Sunday, May 03, 2009

EXCLUSIVE LOL Campaign Victory: eLL (Almost) Purge Draper

Last Monday Labour of Love suggested (above) that prominent links to Derek Draper's private website and twitterfeed should be removed from Labour List, along with Derek's bad karma brand. Tory Bear has the hot poop, LOL's word is LL's command. The main links are gone, though a full colonic irrigation would be recommended to get rid of the bloating and retained waste products.

Tory Bear also claim that there is a revelatory Kate Garraway story in the reliably racey Woman's Own, in fact it's in their always hard-hitting IPC sister publication Woman (90 pence). But the sad text is not online.

Meanwhile David Cameron has shown his commitment to women's equality by authorising Guido Fawkes to mess with the "caner" animated gif. This apparently had a "time bomb" in it, changing it to Cam's line on Women's Liberation. Can't say he didn't warn us.

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