Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Gordon Brown: One of His Best PMQs Ever? And Opposition Worst?

Bit of a moment with that "Any Complaints Will Be Dealt With In The Normal Way" method acting "joke". But it seems to me that Gordon Brown has had an extremely good PMQs today. All things considered. But also in absolute terms. Gordon landed a good few mighty blows on the fatuous idiocy of David Cameron's Conservatives.

They made us wait until IDS 26 minutes in for any substantive issue to be raised. Gurkhas. Would the PM be bound by the Opposition Debate? Given the weasel words of Liam Fox last Wednesday afternoon I think he would do better to be asking his own Leaders whether they would be bound by their own hypocritical vote on the Gurkhas.

Graham "nice but dim" Brady manages another substantive issue. The Christie. But he misses his mark completely I think. Because of this heroic "play the man, not the ball" approach from the Tories. Obviously Iceland is the model for Tory economics and banking regulation. A Tory PM ran that country into the ground.

Will be interesting to see Iain Dale's scores on the doors for this. He will of course be delighted with the performance of his little snake in the grass chipmunk.

UPDATE 12:43 Scores on the Doors:

Brown 8 Clegg 6 Cameron 3
Labour back bench 8 (even McDonnell) Lib Dems 7 Tories 4 (two without IDS)

Did Tom Harris not get to ask his question?


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Jesus, B B B B B B B B B Brown gets a a a a a a an ei ei ei ei ei eight for that?

Y Y Y Y Y Y Y You're fu fu fu fu fu fu fucking m m m m m m m mad.

Anonymous said...

Today's quote of the day. From Lib Dem muppet Paul Rowen in the Rochdale Observer.

"There needs to be a proper regulation of the internet to ensure that inappropriate information is not placed there to give people ideas."

Ho ho ho. Could that be another dig at LOL?

Anonymous said...

You're delusional LOL. You'll be waking up and smelling the coffeee, or toast, come June the 5th.
It'll be bye,bye Gordon after that.