Saturday, May 02, 2009

Guido Fawkes Can't Dance: Links to Tame not Wild Lords of the Blog

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Guido has posted this Chipendales tribute. Left to right, on the screen at least: Tim Montgomery (Conservative Home), James Cleverly (Blogging MLA), Iain Dale (Iain Dale), Shane Greer (Iain's mini-me), and Mister GuF (Guido Fawkes). There you have it then. Guido is officially deeply embedded in Tory Blog Culture. Part of Coulson's Irregulars.

The only real surprise is that Guido has not linked to this animation, along similar lines, that is meta-JibJab post-modernity, outre and scatologically creative from Tim "Manic" Ireland. PG: South Park soundtrack; PG: Images calculated to offend.


Tim said...

He is a precious flower, isn't he? Far mor thin-skinned than he lets on.

Chris Paul said...

He's the "Braveheart" right enough.

Dick the Prick said...

You are an utter cock though Tim - you have to be aware of that. What is the mentality of completely carpet bombing a blog? Say your piece as you like - leave it a bit, read the replies and then retort. Bleedin' obvious really.

Tim said...

How am I carpet-bombing a blog?

Dick the Prick said...

You spammed Dale up a couple of weeks back and he's had to chuck moderation stuff on & shit. It'd be fine if you just made your point and fucked off but blogging just to say 'and another thing' is pretty shit you know? Dale's always up for a rant or an argument but he's always polite about it. There's just no need man.

Tim said...

Your problem here, Dick the Prick, is that you've taken Dale at his word.

I did just as you suggested and tried to make my point and take it from there, but he kept deleting my responses while publishing multiple false claims about me and refusing to discuss his appalling stunt over the Jenvey matter.

And what is happening now is not a DOS/spam attack as Dale makes out. He's just lying to his readers. Again.

The Iain Dale Fan Club merely makes it very difficult for Iain to cheat in comments. If he didn't rely on comment cheating and cheaters so much, it wouldn't be a problem for him.

And he could stop it easily anyway just by doing as you suggest and engaging in dialogue.

One reason you don't know about any of this is because another way that Iain cheats as a blogger is by making claims about certain items/people without actually linking to what he's talking about. Paul Staines uses the same trick time and again, as they're both as bad as each other.

Read and learn.Iain has some serious explaining to do... most likely to Patrick Mercer as much as me.

Judging by what he said to me before the event (I have not blogged all of these details yet) and how he's acted after the event, Iain's clever plan appears to have been to give me the impression that Mercer knew about his 'terror expert' smearing me as a paedophile so I would publish something that would damage Mercer's reputation *and* land me in legal difficulty.

If Iain has a better explanation, then let's hear it.

If he doesn't, then f**k him.

Dick the Prick said...

Whoa ho ho ho ho ho there lad. Are you on pills? Chris!! Alert, alert!!!

Chris Paul said...

Dick the Prick: Please assume someone is smearing your good self - in your real identity - as a paedophile and that, say, Labour List or Tom Harris MP or LOL knows that but chooses in your view to aid and abet that smearage.

How would you feel?

And how do you feel - with the benefit of hindsight - about this "mad" smear you've just done? "Are you on pills?" you've just asked.

I think that makes you a hell of a prick? Not in a good way.

What do you think of Tim's cheerful and vibrant animation?

Dick the Prick said...

I don't know the full sp but repeating peado smears is completely bad form and should be retracted as soon as possible. Geez, you lads operate at dodgy levels doncha? Mind you, since Cherie Blair's step mom got parachuted into one of my areas I guess I should probably get used to tremors on the sphincter scale increasing.

I think there's a gulf of difference asking if someone's a nutter and the paedo thing - if it's true, then i'm disgusted. If however it's live by the smear, die by the smear then i'm just kinda depressed.

Anyway - lovely day Chris and a freebie tmrw - have a smashing weekend man.

Tim said...

"I don't know the full sp"And yet you're willing to pass judgement. Thanks.

I've broken no law. I haven't even broken any rules of - all I've done is make it very hard for Iain to cheat in comments as he has this time and many many times in the past... and I did this because I was provoked.

"Geez, you lads operate at dodgy levels doncha? "I haven't called anyone a paedo, Dick the Prick... but twice now I've been involved in an investigation into a Tory MP where one of their supporters has attacked in this way. Twice now Iain Dale was in a unique postion to do something about it and twice now he has chosen to let it happen.

You have a hell of a nerve lumping me with him when you admit you "don't know the full sp" and my only failing was to trust Iain Dale to do the right thing the second time around when I really should have known better.

If you are not one of his allies, Iain Dale will sit back and allow you to be smeared as a paedophile. He is a liar, a blog-cheat and a bastard who plays the victim while manipulating others into doing his dirty work.

You are one of the people he has mnaipulated.

Chris Paul said...

Yes Dick, we're not making or aiding and abetting any paedo smears.

Tim has a bone to pick with Iain over Iain's promised but apparently not delivered assistance in a matter of such smears.

Everyone on the right is currently apparently smearing everyone in the government, particularly GB but also so-called "suicide watch" MPs for bring "mad".

And of course in a post complaining about the "mad" thing Mad Nads not only showed her lack of knowledge of etymology re hustera/hysterical/hysterectomy but also smeared Kevin Maguire as an erectile dysfunctionalist for calling her "mad" in the kind of colloquial way which contrasts with the way Tory smearologists are now suggesting Brown is a clinically mad as say Churchill or Thatcher.

And in the same post Nads smeared a certain "lovely" minister as being drunk on duty.

In the past Nads also tried smearing the very respectable "loon" (only kidding) Alex Hilton as a paedophile.

And she's the one who has sent herself out to bat in smearsgate?!

There was a time when Iain and Tim seemed to be getting on better. Helped by the Creosotemanov problems, Iain's improved control over comment dipsticks, and even an agreement to help Tim fish out something nasty from the nasty party; but alas all bets are off at the moment.

Tim Ireland attacking Iain's comments facility is *SATIRE*, serious but satire nonetheless.

Dick the Prick said...

Dear Tim & Chris

I worked with a guy who after dissing me for a year or maybe more came over all chummy to insinuate that our mutual manager was a paedo - I couldn't believe it. My mum knows a teacher who got prisoned for crap allegations. It is a pernicious insinuation which is more malignant than its heralds could ever understand.

Tim - I got into this argument because it felt like you were responsible for getting Dale to moderate but it sounds like you've got a legitimate beef.

I genuinely don't particularly give a monkeys but fair play to you man. Clarify your argument and it may help.

Soz about getting in your business.

None of my business - i'll shut the chuff up in future


Tim said...

Thank you, Ricky.

I am responsible for Dale having to moderate, but not for the reasons he makes out; the Iain Dale Fan Club is moderation-proof, but Iain is desperately afraid of the truth coming out on his site, not least because it now looks like he was setting up a Tory MP for a fall.

This has less to do with my clarifying my argument and more to do with Iain delivering a decidely one-sided account while not linking to what he's talking about (something he does often and his readers should be more wary of).

Meanwhile, Iain gets a tiny taste of his own medicine and loses his temper within two minutes.

I would gladly call an end to the Iain Dale Fan Club if Iain agreed to engage in honest and open dialogue (about the Mercer/Jenvey stunt at least) instead of playing his own 'mic off' games that are far more dishonest that anything Galloway pulled on him.

Dick the Prick said...

Only freaks look this far down but I had my first day today working for the Tories and I seem to have remembered leaving 6 Cllrs ballot papers on top of the scanner in an open office. On a scale of 1 to fuck up and a half. I think only 1 cllr is coming in this eve and she sounded lovely. The Conservative Party doesn't operate democratically - it can count though which, you know, seems to be in fashion this season. Ah, what the fuck - in for a penny, in for a pound - just hope I can breath occasionally.

Anonymous said...

Tim Ireland attempts to contact Patrick Mercer but encounters an impassable staff barrier so that nothing said by Tim is allowed to reach their boss. Tim phones Patrick Mercer and Mercer answers the phone unaware it was Tim on the other end. Mercer gives Tim his assurance that it was the first he'd heard of any of it and Tim believes him regardless of the fact that Mercer’s staff seem to have been instructed to ignore all of Tim Ireland’s attempts to communicate with Patrick Mercer.

From what I have been told about Mr Mercer whenever there is an individual that Mr Mercer is at odds with his staff become entirely uncommunicative. I therefore believe Mr Mercer was aware of the problem and that is why his staff pulled up the drawbridge of communication with Tim Ireland.

Any attempt by Iain Dale to act on behalf of Tim would likely be repelled in accordance with staff directive.

Patrick Mercer, may or may not have been aware of Jenvey's actions but it is apparent Mr Mercer was aware of something to do with Tim, hence the seemingly intentional cold-shoulder.

Tim said...

That's a hell fo a claim to make anonymously.

In fact, it's the kind of thing I would normally delete, as it amounts to libel and I'm not in the habit of taking risks for anonymous people.

Your call, Chris.

It might be enough for me to counter it by saying that almost everything* I've heard about Patrick Mercer so far suggests just the opposite of what has been claimed by 'Anonymous' here.

(*With the exception of some things said by Iain Dale, who we know to be a shameless liar.)

Anonymous said...

The road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions and so I retract what I previously said and suggest that you delete what you seem to consider unsavoury and libellous rhetoric on your blog.

I apologise for expressing my opinions on your blog it was a mistake on my part and entirely contrary to your own standpoint about Mr Mercer and Mr Dale.

I therefore request that you delete my opinions on the matter which would also be in accordance with your disbelief and rebuttal. Indeed I concur one should never take risks for anonymous people.

You say normally you would delete and I have now requested you do so!!

Goodbye and good luck.

Tim said...

Whose blog, Anonymous @ 09 May, 2009 09:15? And how is anyone expected to know that you're the same person as Anonymous @ 08 May, 2009 08:39? You're in no position to ask for the deletion of 'your' comment if you cannot prove it is yours.

FYI: I did not make a judgement on Mercer's claim immediately, even though he sounded genuinely taken aback and even though Iain Dale has a long history of telling cleverly spun versions of the truth and/or blatant lies when he gets caught playing silly buggers. I took many character references into account... but none from anonymous people, not least because because the primary incident involved a man pretending to be more than one person.

Anonymous said...

You ask how you are expected to know that I’m the same person and my reply is check the Internet Protocol address for verification. I hope that will assure you and deletion of my hypothesis will be forthcoming.

Naturally, you are suspicious I could be friend or foe but I think you should always look at the comments and judge them for their validity. May I say don't be fooled by character references, all that glitters is not gold.

There were no sinister intensions on my part I made the mistake of hypothesizing on your predicament which I now regret and have rethought to the conclusion deletion of my hypothesis is required in what is clearly a highly emotive rigidly adhering set of beliefs and private concern.

I have endeavoured to be amenable, I hope you will do likewise, and kindly delete all my comments.

Tim said... doesn't record IP addresses for individual comments