Saturday, May 02, 2009

Reporter? Journalist? Crapster?: Peter Oborne in Car-Bull/Carble

Last night I watched an extraordinary film featuring one Peter Oborne on camera and off, voicing over one of the most poppy-cocky-cal, directionless and cobbled together documentaries I've ever seen. And I've seen a few stinkers I can tell you. Some of the time it was from Cab-Bull, some from Carble, all the time from garbled. A shocking shame to the profession of journalism. Leading questions, random hearsay, possible and actual pictorial misrepresentations - including pointing a camera at "a hole" that had ceased to be one, arrant twaddle whose slightest hint of a direction of travel appeared to be towards a return to Happy Old Talibania. You may be able to catch up HERE.

Next time Channel 4 commission a piece of tosh from the frontline, they should send Keith Floyd. There is a passing physical resemblance of course. But even ten sheets to the wind, in his cups Floyd is a professional journalist, can take his drink, and would not pass off an unprepared mess of offal tripe as a splendid dish fit to set before a TV audience expecting revelations.

Now, today, the morning after the shoddy garble of the night before we have this twaddle. For goodness sake! Oborne really is a crapulent crapster. In no position to tell anybody what to do over a glass of whisky and a loaded revolver.

Simon Jenkins is another. Channel 4 will probably have him doing a turn too. They haven't? Perhaps next series. But please don't think you can reveal: "There are beggars, bombs, and bent coppers in Kabul." It took some investigating but it's been done. To general amazement of the viewing public. Oborne really has lowered the bar.


Anonymous said...

It was incredibly bad, PO looked pooh-faced at times.

Chris Paul said...

Channel 4 must have felt wretched when they had to find 21 minutes from the cutting room floor to make a 24 minute tape. Really piss poor I thought. And likely to have endangered some of his interviewees.

Anonymous said...

We saw Keith Floyd when he was "on tour" a few years ago at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal (how very appropriate.)

He spent the entire evening, at best half-cut and going downhill fast.

But he was hugely funny and entertaining throughout and we'd certainly go back to see him again.

Something in my bones tells me he is a Conservative voter....