Thursday, May 21, 2009

Guido Fawkes: Who Paid For Moron's House (1984)? Not the Taxpayer

Some problems with blogger main pages - including my own and Guido's - crashing all my various species of browsers at the moment. Not sure if it the computer I'm on. That's to get the best piggy back on the neighbour's wifi broadband. Mine is out. Virgin are verging on the useless with a 3-5 day turn round for a replacement cable modem.

Guido is having a go at the hapless Rt Hoon Margaret Moron MP for having a property in Spain. That she purchased in 1984 he says before asking who paid for it. Presumably not an MPs salary and allowances at that point. I'm not going to attempt a permalink but heeeeere's Guido. Blogger's behaving, so here goes.

Next thing GuF'll be tackling Nadine Dorries MP without fear or favour. She-who-must-be-dismayed not only appears to be claiming for a second home, when she doesn't have a main home that fits any earthly criteria, but also let's on to having one or more investment properties of a rather more exotic and far-flung nature than poor Moron's casa rustica.

Seems to me that, barring some salvationary revelations that make all well, Ms Dorries is the Conservative Party's equivalent to Margaret Moron. I only wish that the newspapers and the bloggers would get onto this and give Dorries the equal prominence in the media that she craves. By hook or by crook. Just now she's being bested by a Moron.

FOOTNOTE 11:33: Perhaps it would be helpful if the mainstream media were to ask Nadine who the "house-sitter" engaged at the Woburn "second home" actually is?

FOOTNOTE 11:43: Guido's source The Olive Press also recounts an instance of Moron's barbaric bulldozing of ancient land. Wonder if Nadine's got any of that sort of thing hiding in her closet?

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