Sunday, May 31, 2009

Iain Dale: Yesterday "No Fly Zone" Claim; Today "Brown Not Mad"

Hot on the heels of Iain Dale's bizarre analysis of Labour's use of the Union Flag and the idea of Britishness in election material as reported yesterday the prospective PPC for anywhere with a Tory fingers-in-the-till-gate-relinquishment posts at 8:35pm last night using an ICM poll in today's Telegraph to claim that senior Labour ministers and indeed Brown are grounded. Thirteen hours later he smears Brown with not looking "almost clinically depressed".

Having sneered at Brown's impressive lumping of "The Conservatives, UKIP and the BNP" as Euro-sceptics. Way to go Iain.

Though of course we know thanks to the precariously as yet unsacked raving mythomaniac Member for mid-Narnia and her handwriting analyst Mystic Elaine Quigley that Gordon is as sane as the next politician. Good to see Nads' self-outed wronged woman hurt posing in her mum's lovely Lytham house, stunt double for her own still alas missing "main home" in the picaresque Cotswold village of "Chiselling Expenses".

LOL think the whereabouts of the alleged dog cleaning and buffing "Table Drier" should be used by the "Votes For Moats" Party to determine where the main home actually is. Woburn I believe you'll find.

Dale also has the Cameron "deselection" threat story, without mentioning the naughty Tory briefers and their laying in to Cam's own arrangements.

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