Monday, June 01, 2009

League Against Cruel Sports: "Tories Are Still Nasty Party"

Thirty years ago this month I packed my bags for a two-month working holiday in the Canadian Rockies, hosted by the Government of Canada's Ministry of Fisheries and Environment. We were looking after some Royal Society/NERC/GoC science at a little glacier in Alberta. Cute little thing. Name of Peyto, above from the very reclusive Caldron lake.

Point being that, arriving in Calgary in late June, shortly ahead of the annual and world famous Calgary Stampede - Numero Uno Rodeo Du Monde - we were kind of expecting something to be brewing, or not. Viz the annual and world famous Calgary Stampede tie-in beer strike.

Idea was that a "dry" Calgary Stampede was unthinkable, contributing a big slice of annual snooze and booze profits in just a week, meaning that the strike was at best headed off at the pass or at worst rounded up, roped and wrestled to the ground PDQ.

Very likely the League Against Cruel Sports would have something to say about the Stampede. "Yee Haa!" or the like. Perhaps not quite that? But, and here's a funny thing, the LACS seem to be publishing their Annual Report on Hunting around May/June time.

Coincidentally that's shortly ahead of County Council and other elections. Now, why ever would they do that? Iain Dale is a right tizzy and calls this "Shameful Conduct". Looks like "Bloody Sensible Conduct" to this blogger.

What did they discover in their judicious questions in a recent YouGov* poll?

Things like: 75% of respondents support Labour's Class War Hunting Bill. Respondents who expressed a preference think by more than 2:1 that pimping Fox Hunting makes the Tories "The Nasty Party". And 70% think the Tories are barking up the wrong damned tree with any plan to give parliamentary time to making hunting with dogs any easier than it is already.

The Press have the Press Association report.

YouGov - whose online panel you can join HERE - is of course a Company of High Tory entrepreneur and investor, not to mention former 18 Doughty Street (wiki) a failed internet TV station (home), losing Colchester PPC, and still I think Conservative Home benefactor, and Politics Home founder to boot, Stephan Shakespeare ne Kukowski.

SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOUR (above): Protestors in the Wirral nail Cameron's bushy tale. In what quite frankly, and we'll have to agree with Iain here, was very bizarre and unfair, nay shameful, behaviour they did this just as Cameron was visiting, and not some other time when it would not have been embarrassing for the poor dear.


Anonymous said...

No news on the Lib Dems latest blinding leaflet, Chris?

"Greasy twats" indeed!

Chris Gale said...

Thanks Chris

Cameron and his Countryside Alliance allies have not seen anything yet!
Repulsive people.

Chris Paul said...

Listen anonymous ... is this Cullimore kid a "greasy-haired twat" ot not? And is this Pascoe woman related to the Lib Dem Pascoe franchise of yore?

40 copies of this ribaldry? Versus 1700 copies of one that was "checked"?