Friday, May 29, 2009

Kerb It Green Bin: "NO Plastic Bags", Is That a Gaffe?

Manchester City Council have issued a new calendar for our Green Organic Material Bins. These say "NO plastic bags", whereas the current arrangement here in M21 includes food waste bags made of biodegradeable plastic being put into that very Green Bin. Is this a leafletpulptastic gaffe? Or will we soon be getting a fifth outdoor bin?

We got double helpings of the hand-delivered "The Green Party" leaflet too. Is it now open season for greenies wasting paper and ink? We say "The Green Party" as, along with "The Labour Party" our euro ballots placed these parties alphabetically under T, rather than under G and L. Other parties dropped the definite article ... perhaps only Greens and Labour have definite policies? Interestingly enough the Labour flier that just landed on the mat - "Winning the fight for Britain's future: Fair rules, fair chances and a fair say for everyone" - uses an illustration saying "Labour Party". Mmmmmm.

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