Friday, May 29, 2009

Manchester BNP: Pathetic Neo-Fascists To Target Advertisers

The pathetic BNP say they will contact Guardian Media Group advertisers to ask them to withdraw their support from The Manchester Evening News who have (finally) ripped into the BNP nasties, reports The Drum. A FREE subscription process may be needed to view this.

LOL reckon the BNP are all racist potty mouth and cor blimey trousers and won't actually do what they say on this, any more than they ever effectively represent people if they get elected. A constitutionally racist party. And all getting bladdered down at Derek Adams' condemned Public House, White Diamond HQ.

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wolfgang said...

Just cannot understand your rant.

For the past twenty five years or more the inhabitants and politicos of this green and fertile land have embraced with open arms the dubious benefits bestowed by crony capitalism and populist politics.

In the end though every country gets the government it deserves.