Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rochdale Sleaze: Rowen Bullies Priest But RAW Let Minds Wander

Last time "Paul Rowen" was seen posting on the Rochdale Online or "Rowen Online" community forum in the wee small hours it was a paean to that old Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody with "PR Paul" insisting "I'm just a poor boy, from a poor family" to pre-justify his still to be revealed troughing activities, smart Battersea pad (Mortgage £305,000 in 2005/6, presumably plus deposit?), burning the allowances candle at both ends, as Councillor and MP simultaneously, and so on and so forth.

Like Sir Cyril Smith MBE "PR Paul" was born in the gutter and likes to return there "going back to my roots" and all that working class hero romance. Just like Cyril. Had to filch bacon rinds from bins, and share a single breakfast egg with his mum. We're supposed to think.

That curious 3:00 AM "poor boy" homage posting will no doubt come forward with a little searching in the archives, but for now we have a further example from 2:00 AM, again purporting to be from the Twittering twit. In which "PR Paul" has a real deep dig at a local Parish Priest from Heywood who had the temerity to question "PR Paul's" allowances claims.

Rochdale RAW feature the MP's rebuke to the man of the cloth. Man of the Clot Tackles Man of the Cloth? In said rebuke "PR Paul" claims to have only overlapped as Councillor and MP for a single year. Perhaps this is a concession to critics who claim he was an even more useless councillor during this double-troughing, double-dipping period? Anyways Paul "PR Paul" Rowen claims to have given his ill-gotten councillor gains to "charidee", including Catholic Charities at that. Though he is I think still to deliver on the list of these promised for "over the weekend".

Will no one rid him of this troublesome priest? Paul's mistake of course was to follow his Secret Agent Henn's advice and to give some rationed access to his allowances claims to Rowen Online last Friday, beieving that Malcolm Porn-O's organ would scoop the main local, regional and national papers with their arse-licking account of "PR Paul"s good deeds, whereas in fact they stuck the knife in and twisted it just a little, pointing out tax payer cash going, most unethically even by Porn-O standards, to support Party Political literature.

Agent Henn calculated that having also given Rowen Online a share of the taxpayer winnings in the form of a tidy slice of his Communications Allowance their silence would have been bought. But alas not a bit of it. Their report was anodyne, but not entirely compliant with "PR Paul" and clucking "Agent Henn" and their "damage limitation" marketing grid.

And now ruthless Rowen's actually targeting the Heywood parish priest who married Agent Henn. To someone else, before you get any silly ideas. Though it didn't last Henn's persistent dirty stop outs, sleeping rough at Drake Street sleaze HQ.

Sadly, rather than concentrating on this story RAW commenters at the priest-bullying story have been side-tracked to speculation about Rochdale Freemasons, Maddie McCann abductors and the like. Will these naughty boys not learn to concentrate and focus?

Still no answers really to LOL's sweet sixteen of conundrums of Paul Rowen MP, Rochdale Lib Dems, Rochdale Lib Dems owned property business, Sir Cyril Smith MBE, Turner Brothers Asbestos, and the various landlord and tenant relationships that may or not exist between them.

Can we not leave the freemasonry, child abduction, sex abuse allegations and all that until we've bottomed out the rent story? Apparently not. Now the RAW-arsed boys are trying to spread the Paedophile joy of the "Christian" Brothers and others in Ireland, to the "Worshipful" Brothers in Rochdale, and the black-balled "Smith" Brothers to boot. Will the Unitarians find themselves dragged through the courts like the Catholics? seems to be the question they're raising. When there should be nothing going on but the rent. Tsk tsk. Focus I tell you! Focus!


Anonymous said...

Rowen's 2am post. No sign yet of the list of charities he allegedly donated his expenses to, which he said he'd post over the weekend. More lies from Rowen.

Bronze Member

United Kingdom
138 Posts Posted - 23/05/2009 : 02:06:27
What I used my Councillors Allowances On
I've read with some interest the thread on MPs Allowances. Given what has been happening in Parliament in the last few weeks and the need for fundamental reform I'm disappointed at some of the comments.
in particular:
(a) Ian Duckworth - I appreciate that losing your Council seat to the Liberal Democrats TWICE is a personal disappointment and has nothing to do with the topic in this thread. If you cannot contribute positively to this discussion please shut up!
(b) HeywoodPP - as a Catholic Priest I am disappointed that you cast doubts on my honesty. I was a Councillor for twelve months when first elected an MP. I continued to Chair the committee that set up the IMPACT partnership. I played a full part in the running of the Council and attended Council meetings.
I made a voluntary decision to donate my allowance after tax to charities. I did not have to do this and my decision has nothing to do with council tax payers.
The bulk of these were Catholic based charities hence my disappointment at your carping critism. If you spent as much time ministering to souls as you should be doing I would have more respect for you.
However, in the interests of total transparency I will post up a full list of those charities over the weekend.
After which I will expect a full public apology from you.

Dave Hennigan is a fool said...

Here's Rowen's 3am posting before his expenses were released.

PaulRowen Bronze Member United Kingdom 134 Posts
Posted - 24/01/2009 : 02:58:34

My view on expenses has always been very clear - we should publish them every year without exception.

My party campaigned for the freedom of information bill and it should apply to everyone including MPs.

I have not unilaterally published my expenses because I thought following the debate in the Summer the government would publish our expenses without delay.

Last week's motion by the government was therefore very disappointing and why my party was the first to say there would have been a three line whip to support publication.

Notwithstanding this, there have been a lot of comments about the use of the London living allowance. When I was first elected I spent 6 months living in a hotel. It was very difficult I had to carry all my clothes for
the week down to London and had to carry them back on a Thursday. In March 2006 I moved into a flat - I paid a 10% deposit for it and used
subtantially second hand furniture for it. But I spent £10,000 of my own money and did buy furniture from my London Allowance. I could not of afforded to live in London without this allowance.

I am not on the take but would hate to see us return to a situation where you had to be rich to be an MP.

As someone brought up in Deeplish and Kirkholt by a single mum (my dad died when I was 11) I'm hugely privileged to be our town's MP.
I have used the allowance to help me live in London but I hope people will see when the allowances are published that they are reasonable.

I only need one home in Rochdale but need to live in London for half the week - it is cheaper and easier to have a flat as the majority of MPs from all parties have.

And here's the response from his nemesis - Ian Duckworth.

Translation: "The cats out of the bag so I'd better conduct a damage
limitation exercise by admitting what I obviously cannot deny.

I'll go for the sympathy vote with single mother, etc; with a little bit of class envy thrown in. That should do the trick. Thanks for the help Dave, you're worth every penny the taxpayers have to stump up for you out of my expenses."

Anonymous said...

Least Rowen seems to know who his dad was ...

Anonymous said...

so did Cyril, sort of - when favours were called in if there was trouble at'mill as a grasping councillor then alderman. And other extended half family members were helped out. No word of a lye.

RAW - Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

Au contraire monsieur Paul, au contraire.

Our forcus may appear a little scattered but it will all make sense soon. For decades Rochdale has been in decline and the reasons are connected. The Mafia of the Mediocre play a part of a wider local Establishment that has failed our town. A compliant media, unaccountable executive and weak, bullied and dominated politicians who have sold Rochdale down thew stinking river for a few grubby peices of silver.

Coveer-up, spin, corruption, abuse, incompetance not taken to task.

How can such well known politicians get away with not having to account for such serious claims of sexual abuse for decades?

Rochdale could soon have, what youngsters call a "Donnie Darko moment" when the popular image of someone trusted and respected could be revealed to be a vile monster.

The same goes for civic corruption and sheer incompetance.

Politicians, "businessmen", drug dealers, property developers, perverts, Freemasons and Rotarians all play their interconnected part in all of this.

Time will tell.

People are already talking opening about things in Rochdale that have been kept quiet for too long.

Pandora's box has been opened.
Cyril Smith and his chums cannot put the lid on this anymore.

Chris Paul said...

[irony]Oh, sorry RAW, I didn't realise[/irony]

Anonymous said...

Priest accuses Rochdale Lib Dems of lies and wicked practices.

On Rochdale Online's message board tonight the venerable Father Daly from Heywood warned that the Lib Dems will "...start more rumours and slurs and go from door to door telling lies...Unfortunately very many of the tactics which that Lib Dem party machine chooses to use are quite simply wicked."

Bless you Father, for you are right. And they must not be forgiven. No hail Marys, no confession, no penance. Just eternal damnation for Dave and his band of pathetic muppets.