Thursday, May 21, 2009

Witless Photoshoppery: Mail Caught Touching Up Gordon Brown

The ever-lovely Mail people are being rightly ridiculed for clumsy photoshoppery.

What they have done it seems is use a particular Photoshop effect repeatedly to make Gordon Brown look like a dishevelled Manga godfather. Speaking of sneaky photoshoppery of course we have John Leech MP and Chris Davies MEP apparently conversing in the path of an oncoming tram and again outside a local school.

We're pretty sure the tram shot has them superimposed. The school may have been too. Question is can any of their images be trusted ever again?

When my Scanner has perked up we'll run this shifty Leech Fakeography. Hat tip: @bloggerheads.

UPDATE Fri 11:28: Any suggestion that Davies and Leech did not go to both places and have pictures is entirely erroneous and that being so we have apologised with equal, nay, increased prominence. They do re-composite photos sometimes. And even print evidence in their leaflets. But they certainly visited both locations. We're sorry.


Anonymous said...

You're seriously barking up the wrong tree this time lol.

Chris Paul said...

In which regard would that be?

Anonymous said...

I think that anyone who uses Photoshop to mock politicians should be ashamed of themselves.