Monday, June 22, 2009

Czech Mates: Cameron's Euro Chess Ends In Prague Gambit

Here we are. Cameron's Prague Gambit Gamble. From Conservative Home the New Tory "Prague Group". How soon before some of these start disgracing Cameron and showing up his nowhere man judgement? And I don't just mean Chichester and Atkins, with his absurd personalised rosette, knitted by his wife perhaps?

The 55 MEPs at the moment are:

* 26 British Conservative MEPs
* 15 Polish MEPs from the Law and Justice Party
* 9 Czech MEPs from the Civic Democratic Party
* 1 MEP from Belgium's Lijst Dedecker - Derk Jan Eppink, a Dutchman who is a former senior European Commission official
* 1 MEP from Finland's Centre Party, Keskusta - Hannu Takkula (who has left the Liberal Group where the rest of his party sits)
* 1 MEP from the Hungarian Democratic Forum - Lajos Bokros, a former finance minister
* 1 MEP from the Latvian National Independence Movement - Roberts Zile, a former finance and transport minister
* 1 MEP from the Dutch Christian Union - Peter van Dalen

As I understand it 26 is the full complement of the British Tories. But have to say that this move MUST make Sajjad Karim MEP a flight risk. The Lib Dems won't have him back by all accounts. Will his home be in the Socialist Group? That would be a turn up.

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