Monday, June 22, 2009

Speaker of the House: Nadine Dorries Does A McBride

So, Nadine Dorries MP was commissioned by the Mail on Sunday to write an obituary for John Bercow's tilt for the speakership. She accepted, after taking soundings, and here's the result. Conservative Home say different and have a considerable dig at the Honorable Member.

The most profound insight into the total lack of nous and self awareness and native wit of the member for Mid Narnia is on her own blog, now! with! permalinks! Where she reveals that she was egged on by colleagues at all levels in her party. Many giving her attack stories against the man Bercow. Alas too many to use in her dribble.

Essentially they're whispering in silly Nadine Dorries' shell like. Using her as a Damian McBride attack dog to do in one of their intra-party enemies. What a deep irony this is. Of course she was "at it" with defamer Dale smearing Tom Watson MP, Gordon Brown, even casting aspersions at Kevin Maguire's trouser department. Now she's doing the dirty on the admittedly obnoxious Bercow.

I submitted a comment to the Nadblog which I realised immediately had all the negatives and positives in the wrong place. As if Nadine had supported Bercow. Whoops. She's unlikely to publish it anyway.

LOL don't support Bercow by any means. He may well still be on the ultra-far-right at heart. But a careerist hiding this. He is a Uriah Heep figure. Though perhaps not "ever so humble, Mr Copperfield". Bercow persistently maxxed his own expenses. But at least he knows exactly how wrong Nadine Dorries is. About most everything.

That's in his favour. And if selected as Speaker he'd show her the door over the conspicuous absence of a "main home" in her allowances claims, and her all round raving mythomania in her fantasy world.

Time to disestablish this role, have a hundred or more competent chairs taking turns, or make it an annual thing like Manchester's Lord Mayor. Or, if some kind of presiding officer is to exist, to let the public decide. The BBC called this role "The most powerful commoner" which is an odd thought. But shouldn't we get to choose?

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