Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting Tedious: Dale's Nth Question Time Exclusive

Sticking with Dale, for a moment. He believes that the alleged declining by 22 cabinet ministers of invitations to appear on Question Time in Sunderland means they are "frit". Apparently Lord Charlie "Mad Dog" Falconer will take on the Shadow Chancellor Ken "Hush Puppy" Clarke, Polly "Barking Mad" Toynbee, Ed "Laughing Hyena" Davey and Esther "Child Line" Rantzen.

Which seems a reasonable enough panel to me. Strangely enough Cabinet Ministers have stuff to do of a Thursday. There's a country to run. Perhaps there is a manifesto needing i dotted and t crossed? Meanwhile, Iain Dale surely is the pooper scooper?

Enough Question Time exclusives already.

FOOTNOTE: Clearly tomorrow, Thursday is E-Day for expenses publication, Clarke and Davey's papers will no doubt have received a particularly good frisk ahead of the recording.


Anonymous said...

You mean "there's a country for Labour to ruin even more",you fucking cocksucker - Brown is finished now fuck off and get a proper job shit head.

Dick said...

Fatty Soames' seems to have got back from lunch a little tired & emotional Chris.