Thursday, June 18, 2009

MPs Allowances: How Tedious Is This Going To Be?

Well, well, well. Downloaded a few MPs allowances claims so far. Far more appears to be blotted out than would be strictly or even loosely necessary.

Lots of incestuous insider trading from those Lib Dems. Payments to regional offices, payments to local parties, payments to elected members, sharing of facilities, sharing of equipment, ultimate landlords obscured by buying and selling arrangements, payments for adverts on political printing, one or two stray hotel bills.

May be ultimately rewarding, but it's going to be tedious and far too much is obscured to call any of this "transparent". Not Freedom of Information, Shackling of Information. What would be the logic for not even revealing the names of most of those employed by MPs? And in many cases thereby receiving substantial five- and six-figure sums over the past four years?

NADINE NOTE: There was an attempted claim for 04-05. How strange she is.


Anonymous said...

Ho Ho Ho!

Have you seen Rowen's bar bill!!!

Very interesting.

As is his 40p claim for a banana and 15p claim for a nob of butter.

What a nob of an MP he is

Anonymous said...

The daily Telegraph say they will reveal all on Saturday.