Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hissy Fit: Harriet Harman/Brendan O'Durham Combo

Iain Dale is off having yet another of his "hissy fits" (tm Michael White). He claims in his headline that "Harman Letters Equates Tories to the BNP" (sic) whereas in fact it is some first-named rejoiner in County Durham who includes the two parties in a sentence. But even this latter doesn't "equate" or even "equates" the two.

Iain's tip off also attributes the strange expression - "You can't ride the fence when the Tories and BNP are gaining power" - to the Labour Party. In fact, though Harriet and Labour are of course responsible for re-publishing it, the expression appears to come from some chap called Brendan from Durham. And it doesn't equate the Tories, with their track record of achievements in destroying industrial Britain, cutting public services to the bone, and pandering to millionaires, and the utterly useless racist minority sport that is the BNP.

Except in so far as that their electoral successes combine as a stimulus for this Brendan to rejoin the Labour Party. My own experience is that seeing Griffin and Brons elected IS an impetus for some people to join and rejoin Labour. And so is the idea of the essentially unreformed Tory nasty party fooling people with their non- platform.

The letter is reproduced here, with the links restored:

Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 17:40:53 +0100
To: @hotmail.co.uk
From: info@email-new.labour.org.uk
Subject: Something special is starting to happen

Dear Mr XXXXX,
We were all dismayed by the recent election results but because of the dismal backdrop something special is starting to happen. Since the election results came out, there has been an exceptional increase in the number of people joining the party. Hundreds are joining for the first time but many are, like you, former members. I wanted to share with you their reasons – and ask you to rejoin today.
Brendan from Durham said he joined because:
“You can’t ride the fence when the Tories and BNP are gaining power.”
Please rejoin us in this fight - https://secure2.labour.org.uk/join/
Silke from Guildford said:
“I have re-joined because the Tories will ruin this country.”
Please rejoin us in this fight - https://secure2.labour.org.uk/join/
Kevin from London said:
“As a former member about a decade ago I wish to rejoin to help fight the next General Election and beyond.”
We have now seen how the Tories plan to cut our public services. David Cameron’s health spokesman Andrew Lansley stated that the Tories would make 10 per cent spending cuts in the vast majority of government departments.
Gordon Brown has said:
"We have a proud record of targeted investment and prioritising the interests of hard working families across the country. And while our party will stand by people through this downturn, David Cameron's Conservatives would walk on by. And in contrast to our strong record of investment in public services, David Cameron is committed to cuts of 10 per cent."
Please rejoin us in this fight - https://secure2.labour.org.uk/join/
Best wishes,

Here's Iain's "analysis":

Note that people are being asked to rejoin three times. If the BNP line doesn't get them, then maybe the threat of cuts will. And note that there's not a single positive reason to rejoin - it's all attacking the Tories. But it's the BNP line that will enrage right minded people.

And if, after reading this, you are so angry that you'd like to put your money where your vote is and join the Conservatives, click HERE.

Well I'm not enraged Iain. I think as direct mail goes it's "a bit shit" actually. But I'm not enraged. But then again I'm not "right-minded". Not like Nick Griffin and Dave Cameron. Joke. And that line about joining the Tories "with not a single positive reason" is priceless self mocking now isn't it?! Brilliant.

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Paul Halsall said...

I like Iain's blog more than you do Chris (perhaps it's the "Homintern") but you are quite correct on this issue.