Thursday, June 18, 2009

No Ifs No Buts: Paul Rowen's Last Tango in Rochdale?

Even ahead of the un-redacted publication of allowances and expenses vouchers due on Saturday we find that PR Paul Rowen MP is in deep doo doo. On top of the huge rap sheet we already knew about including:

- Incestuous rental/money laundering arrangements;
- Using Taxpayers money to finance propaganda leaflets;
- Political agents (plural) on the Taxpayer;
- Using Taxpayers money to pay for Rochdale AFC hoarding;
- Buying off local media with Communications contract.

We find that like his co-conspirator John Leech MP the man has founded a "Printing Society" in Rochdale. Unaccountable, unauditable and receiving your Taxpayers' money. Is this a Lib Dem disease nationally? Any other "printing societies" out there?

We find that like his co-conspirator John Leech MP, who also sub-lets from his local political party, the man sends cheques to his party for unspecified services. Are these further Lib Dem diseases nationally? Any other "incestuous tenancies" and "payments to Region" out there?

We find that hotel receipts submitted include more than a few slap up dinners as well as a persistent drip, drip, drip of sneaky "dinner beverages" and "beverage/bar" items.

He's only here for the beer after all. Even missing the Lib Dem's Gaza debate after a bragging session in a Harrogate bar.

We finally find the SP on a bizarrely over-specified industrial envelope stuffing machine.

And ... most bizarrely so far ... we find a "knob of butter" priced 15 pence. Though PP Paul Rowen MP is no Marlon Brando. The offending grease clearly being spread on his wee scone rather than any part of this great throbbing member's body.

STOP PRESS 21:22: Rowen is also apparently involved in some Smithery of the £9.99 TV Services kind ... Can't get enough of that Last Tango in Rochdale?


Anonymous said...

Nice analogy, Chris. Last Tango in Paris was released in 1972, the same year that Cyril was unleashed onto Rochdale as a larger than life sex beast of an MP. Last Tango in Paris broke new ground for transgressiveness and sexual devience in cinema. Bit like Cyril did in politics. It stars a raging, penis-rampant male id-monster. But like the 1972 General Election in Rochdale. Critics of Last Tango describe it as self indulgent rubbish that should be avoided at all costs. Rochdale Lib Dems in a nutshell.

Chris Paul said...

Cheers me dears.

Anonymous said...

Dunno what all the fuss is about Rowen's expenses. I just had a butchers and found them too dull for words.

Honestly, it's just mind numbing repetition.

Beverage/bar: quantity 1
Beverage/bar: quantity 1
Beverage/bar: quantity 1

It goes on and on? What's so interesting about that?

Anonymous said...

As well as claiming 15p for a knob of butter, I see that Rowen also claimed 40p for a banana.

God's 40p banana said...

Paul Rowen

great big grasping hands.

heart of stone.

knob of butter.

Roger the Rabbit said...

Rowen - Last Tango?

I thought his face was turning a funny shade of red, not orange.

What with 15p knobs of butter, 40p bananas, solo repetative bar bills and a hotel charge of £9.95 for "TV services"...

...then the stange expression often on Rowen's face could be that of being Tangoed.

keep an eye out for bills for rope, an orange and 4 D cell batteries (the fat ones).

...and if Paul Rowen has 'exotic' tastes then look out for a receipt that could describe a "Rabbit spitroast".

88p butt plug said...

do I detect the feint whiff of Lib Demmery?

Is the motto of Rochdale Liberal Printing Society-
"a licence to print money"?

Plus the rent to Rochdale Reform Buildings?

And the £4000 a year of Rowen's expenses going to North West Region Lib Dems for "parliamentary support"?

Rochdale taxpayers are getting well and truly sharfed.

Anonymous said...

Rowen also claimed £73 to remove a virus from his computer.

Was this a result of Adam Power or Dave Hennigan's late night surfing I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Malcolm Journeaux makes a frequent appearance in Rowen's claims. Looks like he's on to a nice little earner there. Don't give Labour any coverage, keep printing Dave Hennigan's press releases and the money'll keep rolling in.


Chris Paul said...

Nice indeed

Is this lot enough for Whippy Clogg to have the rascal PR Paul de-selected? Or can he hang on until the General Election?

Nicky Clark said...

my money is on Greg Couzens.

First to take Alan Taylor's Council Leader seat.

then to follow Paul Rowen's example as Leader of Rochdale Council to stand as MP.

If he got in, would he be true to form and stay on as a councillor and claim double bubble?

Anonymous said...

although Paul Rowen is already discredited, if half of the rumours about Rochdale's current MP are true then he will be completely finished.

Only questions are when does Paul get the hard word from the Federal Party (booted out by a hard Clogg)and when do the nominations open at Drake Street for the next Lib Dem Rochdale Parliamentary candidate?

Will Dave H stick around or does he fancy his own chances against Greg C and William H?

Anonymous said...

Today's MEN says that Rowen claimed for a doughnut as well!

A quick glance at his ever expanding waistline suggests this wasn't the only doughnut he's wolfed down since becoming an MP.

Dave Hennigan is a fool said...

Looks like the natives are getting restless about Rowen's expenses. He's on the front page of the local paper today and there's an interesting comment posted in Rowen's online surgery box from Aaron Pajak. Rowen hasn't bothered answering any questions from constituents through this medium for months so Aaron shouldn't hold his breath waiting for a reply. But here's his question anyway.


How pleased we were when your advertising board appeared at Spotland stadium a few seasons ago. I remember our former chairman David Kilpatrick praising you for being the first Rochdale MP to take such action and how great it was that you were supporting proffesional sport in the town.

Of course we have now seen your expenses! It seems that it was us tax payers who were the ones stumping up cash!

Any thoughts would be appreciated, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Can you hear that?

It's the sound of high hopes for Paul Rowen being totally shattered.

Paul's PR is in meltdown. Any illusion he somehow created of being a born-and-bred Rochdale man who cares about the town is fast being replaced with that of a greedy trougher who cares only about himself.

Chris Paul said...

Good work people. Rowen is a fool. Hennigan is a fool. Smith is a fool. Rochdale is not a fool. Not again anyway.

Anonymous said...

Another hilarious revelation about Rowen's expenses from the Rochdale Observer today. He claimed 5p for an Asda carrier bag!!!

Rowen claimed it was for an unpaid intern and he's good value for money. What a purple faced bullshitter this man is!

Anonymous said...

Rowen has really raised the stakes now.

Apparently he's going to sue the Observer for making him look an arse.

I so hope this one goes to court. Rowen will be cleaned out!! A desperate last throw of the dice from a lost cause of an MP