Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Elementary My Dear Watson: And Waugh Gets His Scoop

NOTW are bleating away and giving nothing away. The barrister chappie has been getting proprietors and journalists off for 34 years. The MPs are amateurs. They're losing it a bit with Watson now. Some interest in substantial employment rights payoff to criminal bin diver on his release from prison. Amazing. And still no Andy Coulson.

Lightweight Paul Waugh has been rewarded for his lightweightedness by an hilarious scoop.


Dick the Prick said...

Coulson's definately a member of the war time cabinet machine.My buddy was well reckoning he'd get sacked but I just can't see it. Be ace to bring Murdoch down a peg or two - Coulson ain't the argument, but if you can play the man, so be it. I'm well into privatizing the BBC so it's quite a conflict in my little head. Fuck it - guess what'll happen will happen. Heard Dorries bleeting this morning - blah blah vom.

Chris Paul said...

Dorries is going to be toast sooner or later. She has fibbed her way at every stage to where she is and she will be found out. She may be the most surprised of all as she believes most of her own guff.

Coulson's performance today was very interesting. About 50 minutes in he got seriously cocky on a couple of answers. His mate Cutler was there to be scape goated as necessary and he was fidgeting and rearranging the contents of his pencil case, avoiding eye contact, and close to bursting by turns.

Basically he admitted paying for 100s of ex-directory phone numbers and the like. And clearly said some contradictory and unlikely things.

Coulson's fate is not in his own hands. He is an ongoing risk for Cameron.

If he really had no idea that his team were at it he is a complete fool. But if he did know and he's feigning forgetfulness and being disingenuous he could get found out at any point as someone who knows he knows bubbles him.

The story he said he didn't recognise was one of the Royal ones the court cases were about, surely?

Most of the time the MPs were fairly dozy I thought. Some good questions but not always getting answered, yet they moved on.

Excellent point from Mr Hall about not sticking things in emails. And the journos could get rid of anything they wanted on the firm's system in 4 weeks.

And is it beyond a slight possibility that some of these creatures had gmail etc? Or simply didn't use email for anything naughty? There is a difference between an organisation that is essentially clean and an organisation that scrupulously keeps itself looking clean.