Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Culture Select Committee: MPs Getting Tatered by Red Top Rodents

The Guardian's live blog, refreshed automatically once a minute or at will seems the best summary if you cannot see a TV or view ONLINE. The two put up by the NOTW apear, to this blogger, to be getting the better of the exchanges. Their weasel words are it seems to me out-doing the MPs' weasel words so far.

"Journalists trespass and do other things" said the man Crone "but criminal? no". Bollocks. That's the point of all this. The evasion and disingenuity is breathtaking. The probing is (mostly) puny. Andy Coulson, Tory Head of Miscommunication, is due on NOW but they did start 10 minutes or so late. So perhaps 11:40pm.

BLOODY GOOD QUESTION 11:46 from Mr Hall: "Up to 2,500 emails ... are you aware of the saying 'don't put anything in an email you wouldn't want to see on the front page of the NOTW'?" Not answered. Questioner switches to "follow the money" approach. But once again doesn't seem to notice that the question HAS NOT BEEN ANSWERED.

Bit better. NOTW say they haven't come across any payments for illegality. But they are referring to post-Goodman period. This is a farrago.

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