Friday, July 03, 2009

George Osborne: Flipping, Father, Frances Framed For Fiasco

Kathy Newman's repost for Channel 4 News reveals that something else, a bit darker, may have emerged in the investigation of George Osborne's flippery pokery. The Telegraph also have the untaxed £748,000 profit from selling his previous "second home" in London, which would have been liable to some £300,000 in Capital Gains Tax had he not "flipped" it and told the Inland Revenue that it was his "main home".

We have to go back to the Mail in June 2008 to catch George giving credit to someone else, his wife Frances to be precise, for sorting out all his boring financial matters. Perhaps she should be Shadow Chancellor instead? Somethingly reminiscent of the Mad Nad Dorries blame shifting to Pee-Ay poor pregnant Pippa? She hadn't even seen her expenses claims claimed the fantasist MP for Mid Narnia. But I digress.

Perhaps it is the fact that the mortgage or loan or familial loose change or whatever, swirled around from GOOey home to GOOier home was laid on by a family member, as The Times reported that was dad, Sir Peter the seventeenth baronet. Seems that whoever the lender is now the "tracker" nature of this things means he is now claiming next to nothing from the taxpayer. You'd have to be a saint to not be worried about something cooked up by a fella's missus with her father-in-law. And him "trade" and all.

So that's alright then? Tory sources are it seems trying to "pair" Ozzy with his opposite number, though sadly that doesn't work either as there's nothing to report from there. We've been worried about GOO-ey's grasp of reality, political nous and integrity when it comes to cash money for a long while now.

Those humungous "office of George Osborne" donations from Rothschilds and the like that he forgot to forget that he'd forgotten to declare for one, and the private runnings of yet another Rothschild that he did declare for another.

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