Friday, July 03, 2009

Lucy Powell: Labour's Prospective MP For Withington, on Christie

Grrrrr! Just wrote a brilliant extended caption for the above. Vanished into thin air! Blogger gremlins saving John Leech MP from a broadside. It shall be re-created anon. Meanwhile a sneak preview of Monday's Channel 4 Politics Slot with Lucy Powell telling it like it is on the Christie Hospital positive future front.

5 comments: said...

Same old Labour same old tricks!

Jumping in at the last minute to claim credit for other people's hard work

Christie Hospital belongs to everyone.

How typical of labour to hijack the issue.

Why did they not feature Keith Bradley? He is a member of the board of Christie?

Chris Paul said...

Strangely enough Yasmin I'd say Labour have been chronically slow to claim any credit on this one.

It was Gordon Brown's personal intervention that got the money back - out of NHS budgets unfortunately - and it was certainly not all the attempts at credit-claiming from John Leech and all the other credit-claiming Lib Dems.

We have a Labour government. the government fixed this. John Leech has been no help. And hilariously when Paul Rowen got up and spoke at PMQs on the matter he was bigging up a satellite unit that was the source of the scorn that Leech used to win the seat.

Yes it is a joint effort this. But the Lib Dems have posed countless numbers of photos and supposedly just them lobbies etc over the past couple of weeks/months. They have been shamelessly AT IT.

There is a pattern. they claim credit for the extra Chorlton metro line but Lib Dem reps at AGMA voted in such a way that they almost scuppered that development.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Chris actually. Some of the Lib Dem picture cropping (to remove MPs and campaigners from other parties) has been truly pathetic. If you look closely at Lucy's video you will see MPs of all parties featured delivering the petition. And it is a party political slot this was made for.

Come on Yasmin. Try to be reasonable for once. Labour has invested a huge amount in health services and research over the last 12 years. You can't take that away. The Tories wouldn't have done it. And the Libs are irrelevant.

Yasmin Woz Robbed said...

Even the YouTube still is open and honest. If you read the Lib Dems you'd not realise the MEN was involved at all.

get real said...

you are all wrong.

Don't you realise it was Rochdale's current MP Paul Rowen who saved the day singlehandedly?