Friday, August 28, 2009

Clegg: Run Liverpool Finances Into Ground, Then Preach?

Have commented on Nick Clegg's Comment is Free nonsense HERE. The idea of trusting Lib Dems to run a bath never mind a national budget is just to mind-blowing to contemplate.

They've escaped without much scrutiny - so far - on expenses, but the proof of their fiscal incompetence comes in the fair shape of Liverpool where they took on a city with issues and took it so far into the red year on year that it is now close to breaking point. Council Tax cuts and freezes to buy votes quite simply produced defecit budget after defecit budget, maxxing the spend in certain favoured vanities and nixxing the reserves ... completely.

As other cities look forward to a few straightened years - whoever wins the next election - with some cash in reserve and some tricks up their sleeves Lib Dem legacy Liverpool is going to face the music potless and clueless. Thanks to the likes of Nick Clegg.

The Lib Dem mission is simply to win power and then be incapable of exercising it with any vision, elan, or competence. To do so would be sure to upset someone in the bizarre negative coalitions they have to build, being apolitical.


benchilltory said...

hear hear.
and whats worse is that after 10 years of rule the pavements are still not free from dog poo!

Chris Paul said...

That's Labour and Tory and even Green dog poo .. according to the lack lustre potless and clueless Libdemologists!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the ex leader of the Labour group on Rochdale Council involved in Liverpool?