Friday, August 28, 2009

Scott. the City of Baltimore PR Man: Offers Alex Hilton Outside

Sky News, who now have a much updated mess where the ridiculous Baltimore Mayor - Midsomer Murders story once lived did catch on and did put a bit of a spoiler on the end of their story early doors. "Do we have a prankster in our midst?" they asked.

Among the inter-collated mess of alterations and updates there is this:

(City Media Director) Scott Peterson has said the mayor: "wasn't very happy at all. It's a stupid distraction issue", and that their legal department was looking into the issue.
He added: "This isn't just a joke. We're going to teach him that lesson.
"If I had to break down the hours of work I had to do on this I'd be happy to send him the bill."

Scott does realise it is the idiotic Chris Grayling MP who is really to blame doesn't he. The real Mayoral site is right here, whereas the Hilton version is a blank page, though checking the source reveals all.

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