Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hopi Sen: Good Game, Good Game, Not Easy, Good Game

Hopi Sen has a good, game, good game, not easy, good game involving responding to crass or direct questions of a high, even murderous degree of difficulty. Newmania of Lewes snatches the opportunity to defend my old schooly Chris Grayling for his simultaneously pathetic and outrageous The Wire R Us Tory twaddle.

LOL have responded HERE. Extract:

Oh Newmania! Grayling dribbled away like some kind of “exaggerate mercilessly” Libdemologist. In West Baltimore and thereabouts there are two killings PER WEEK. In Moss Side so far this year there has been ONE ALTOGETHER.

Grayling was quite simply talking sheeeeeeeeet. There is a real problem in this country of assessing and responding to risk and having been to quite a good school (ahem) Grayling should have some idea about keeping things in proportion. More fodder for my cut out and keep guide to Tory creeps, coming soon.

On the Megrahi question … the head of the Assembly LP in Scotland has been forthright on what he thinks about this. Absolutely right to consider the request he said, difficult decision, wrong decision.


Gordon Brown is right to say what he did IMO, though he might have said it sooner I suppose.

This is the “stick” of devolution. If you pick up one end of it you have the other in your hand also.

You'll have to go to Hopi's renamed blog to read the rest. Hope you're playing this at home!

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