Monday, September 21, 2009

Fox News Faux Pas: Murdoch CRap and #GoNads to Dorries

As it goes I think the utterly discredited George Osborne has a resemblance to The Joker and he's not had a good day or a good week. But he's not the only one.

Beau Bo D'Or has the above in response to a Huffington Post scoop re Poxy Fox News. Making or indeed faking not breaking the news.

FOOTNOTE: #GoNads is beginning to catch on instead of #SackDorries as a twitter tag. The two are not as distinct as they might first appear. Subject is obviously not this @nadinedorries but rather this one this one - the arbiter of "balanced" - who posted the following transatlantic smear earlier today:


Anonymous said...

Given that Dorries believes that she has the right to put all this garbage out - without having to listen to what ordinary rationale people might in response as shee allows no comments, is there anyway that her site could be mirrored but also allowing comments?

Chris Paul said...

She can be tackled on twitter to an extent and is yet to ban me for example from "following". There has been a mirror site with comments in the past. But it's not going any more as far as I know. She did of course allow comments for a few months.