Sunday, September 20, 2009

YouGov Political Polling: "What the World Thinks"?

YouGov are running an interesting poll right now. Voting intentions, tactical voting, key issues, candidate name recognition, and also some Likert scales - from agree strongly through NAND to disagree strongly - on a collection of complex assertions that may tie the unwary in knots. You know the kind of thing:

"David Cameron has lovely blue eyes and is bloody brilliant, not even slightly smarmy or climatically hypocritical, but his party are a bunch of nasty toerag diehard twittery twats."

Well, not exactly. But that kind of thing. Clearly there will be lots more political polls over the coming months.

You can sign up right here. You'll not make an instant fortune from the derisory basic payments. These are typically just £1 or 50 pence per survey. However, by pyramid recruiting it is possible to get the odd £50 cheque every now and then.
And there are prize draws too, typically for specific product-related and "omnibus" surveys.

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