Monday, November 02, 2009

Essay Plan: Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

  • November is the kicker month for Autumn. The leaves oop North are largely off the trees and some of the little blighters are very surprisingly in the drains, ready for annual Lib Dem pointing action!! The! Leaves! Are! Blocking! The! Drains! and We! Demand! Drains! Are! Unblocked! and so on and so forth. You know the drill. LOL may well take a look at some of this childish Lib-dickery nonsense.

  • We're also planning to build on our late October scoop over the right ridiculous employment of the Dorries Daughters and, depending how things pan out we could well publish a different substantive question for Ms Nadine Dorries MP for every day of the month. In many cases the answers will be published either upside down at the foot of page 49, or the very next day, whether Ms Dorries provides them or not.

  • The story we broke last Wednesday and followed up on Thursday has now seen some Mainstream Media (MSM) action via The Standard and The Mirror, but there is a lot more to go at. My email address is as ever at the head of the blog you cheeky MSM people you. Nadine is trying to manage it away in the way of The Thick Of It. But that ain't going to work. Really. Watch the show Nads! Does it work on there?

  • We are hoping to finally tidy up the look and feel of the Labour of Love blog. We know it won't take much to make a real difference. An hour or three should do it. If you can help please don't hesitate to get in touch. To freshen up the blogroll, subscription service, graphics offering, and so on. And to introduce some regular features and themes to follow over the winter and into the election Spring board beyond.

  • LOL will continue to twitter away @chrispLOL with a prospect of dividing the feed into the high volume frothy flutter and a much more measured twnewsfeed.

  • On the ground LOL will be out and about on the campaign trail, particularly in Rochdale where the egregious Lib Dem Dick Dastardly PR Paul Rowen MP and his Muttley the Dog "agent", paid for by the taxpayer, Dave Hennigan really really don't deserve the people's support for their continued nonsense and smeary shenanigans.

  • Very much in the tradition of dirty tricks ilLiberal Cyril Smith .. but how dare they rope Ludovic Kennedy into their filthy Smithist politics?

  • And we'll also be out and about of course in LOL's hometown Manchester Withington where Hospital Hoaxer John Leech has been seeking to confuse the electorate with a high volume "re-elect me" front masking a low volume, low quality back side of dis-representation that really ain't good for anything.

  • Both these Libdemologists of course, on a sample basis, providing a window on the soul of the Lib Dem franchise and their nefarious financial, propaganda and personal attacks. An apolitical culture; full of gimmicks and chicanery; from batty bar charts through "grey area' gaming of the allowances regimes. Something which appears to afflict their whole pyramid scheme to a greater or lesser extent both nationally and in their Euro representatives.

  • With a strong personal interest in the All Women Shortlist meme we'll also be keeping a weather eye on the climate of progressive change gripping, or not gripping, the Libdemologist and Con Parties.

  • And we'll continue to harry and challenge the #Conbloggers, #Contweeters and #Conmimicsters as they go about their shameless misdirection and "nice party" mockery of the electorate. We'll be cherry picking, not rising to every piece of linkbait.

    FOOTNOTE: Interesting to see the Miliband press conference on BBC News Channel. Yesterday was one of those rare occasions where I got to dust off some of my schoolboy Russian on the Labour doorstep. Obviously my Latin and French are in regular use, but haven't had much call for the Russian since the UEFA Cup Final, where former USSR fans were by turns astonished and appreciative to hear market research being conducted, or at least introduced, Po- faltering Russky.

    Like a dog walking on its hind legs .. and so on. Thank you to Mr Perfect - one of several suspected spy masters at the old school. No-one was taken in by that gammy leg schtick.


    Dick the Prick said...

    But the leaves are blocking the drains!! I love those photos - personal fave is the dog shit ones but they seem to have passed and we've to content ourselves with post boxes and traffic lights. Ah, fond memories.

    blogger who pays Dave H's wages said...

    In Rochdale FC the Lib Dems have a habit of bandwagon jumping three quarter of the way through the season if Dale is on a winning streak.

    Sort of cheap basking in reflected glory.

    Only trouble is, everytime they do it Rochdale seems to get jinxed and never win in the play offs.

    Follows a pattern with the useless Hib Dem muppets -everything they touch turns to shit. Perhaps they should be touching there then?

    Town Centre regeneration, the empty Kingsway business park, Rochdale FC and Hornets- all toched by Rochdale Lib Dem's shitty "magic".

    Anonymous said...

    So it will still be a boring as hell blog.

    And the author will still be a complete cunt.

    Nothing changes.

    Have Dennighan said...

    so boring that anonymous potty mouthed sock puppets keep coming back?

    benchilltory said...

    trouble is its dour and humourless,a bit like old Gordon.

    benchilltory said...

    trouble is its dour and humourless,a bit like old Gordon.