Wednesday, November 11, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Has Paul Rowen Sacked Scumbag Dave Hennigan?

Hard to believe. But we have a double-sourced tip off that the nasty agent's nasty agent Dave Hennigan (above and right)- a former Manchester Councillor - who used to be the Power behind Rochdale Lib Dem MP Paul Rowen (below)'s throne, not to mention the main defender of the faith for the disgraceful rogue Sir Cyril Smith MBE has been sacked.

Archive, including: HERE. You can also search for Drunkagain, Henn, Heineken, Evil Tosser, Smearologist, Libdemologist, Smack, Slap Up Meal.

If this is true the downside for Rochdale may be that (a) Hennigan will turn up somewhere else to employ his McBride-like skills and (b) the caravan man John Swarbrick (rock bottom, photographing graffiti vandalism) is reputedly even more off the hook.

If Rowen really has grown some and got rid for the persistent bad behaviour that we already know about then good for him. If he hasn't then shame on him. If however there is some new scandal at the back of this LOL will do our best to bring it to our readers at the earliest opportunity.

UPDATE, CONFIRMATION 15:46: It is to be *Adam Power* (right) not dirty Manc man John Swarbrick (left) who will step into Dave Heineken's boot-boy boots. Rochdale Online finally caught up with the story HERE.
UPDATE 18:00: Little bird tells us letters already flying in to Rochdale Observer with tales being told. Dave was regarded as a ruthless bully. The town is breathing a sigh of relief. Who'd have thought he was once a nice Conservative Future activist, helping Ken Clarke in Rushcliffe? then again, now Blaney's training them they are coming out like this.


tory boys never grow up said...

I suspect the question is what did he actually do in order to get himself fired/moved on? Given the level of tolerance displayed to date and the low standards of the Rochdale LibDems it must have been something pretty scandalous?

Chris Paul said...

I think you're bang on the money TBNGU. RLDs are also a leaky and infighting sieve and before very long we'll have all the goss. They're in for a really really hard time over the next six months I reckon. And without Henn things may be too much for them.

Implosion is very possible. And Henn knows where the bodies are buried and if he feels hard done by he might even start. It is well known that he reckons he's MP material himself. OMG.

The Tories really ought to have a candidate in place and working. Not thinking they could win, but they could push a Lib Dem rump, rejected by most decent Rochdale folk, with Council incumbency a real drag on votes, close for second. Perhaps overtake them if there's any sort of Tory surge nationally.

Some of the things we know about are turning up drunk and shouting at Jack Straw outside a muslim community centre, going to a meeting at same also allegedly in drink and heckling until chucked out, a really disgraceful smear involving an attempt to reignite an earlier sex smear, a really horrendous load of dark arts against Labour's PPC, the Power attempt to stitch up Tony Lloyd which DH was behind, lots of cover for Cyril Smith's dodgy dealings, repeated nonsense smears tried on with local journos, lots of anon comments including here, and bullocking on RI forums, threatening to get a priest sacked, very often very nasty, and someone er, let's say close to, GM Police has been in touch with TWO count 'em tips on Henn nonsense. One at either end of the crime continuum.

We need another source on each. One involves a telephone conversation that was recorded. The other a job application that was rejected.

Anonymous said...

Well done. Now for Nadine Chris!!

Sergeant Pain said...

Poor Dave. One of the good guys. Misunderstood, unloved and underated.

Now, cash your last wage cheque and hush money, have a drink and start spilling the beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only would it be good for your soul Dave, could it also keep you out of prison?

With all that has happened in Rochale by certain Lib Dems, someone is due to go down. (in the prison not felatic sense).

Anonymous said...

Well done, Chris. After all the sordid revelations about Hennigan's shenanigans published on your site he was never going to survive until election time. He was a major liability.

Now to finish off that fat useless clown Rowen...

Anonymous said...

Its awful that Adam has stabbed Dave in the back.

What sort of shit stabs someone like that?

Dave will finding it an uphill battle on gardening leave.

And local donner kebab sales will drop with Dave no longer seen munching meat on Drake St late at night.

Brad said...

Dave is better off out of that office of ill repute.

The might be a rat but he has the right to flee the sinking ship.

Dave may be many things but I doubt he is corrupt when it comes to accepting secret cash from property speculators or furtive deals that appear to get planning permissions passed.

Not that he wouldn't appreciate the firm financial fotting such deals could put his (ex)bosses on. But again I doubt Dave ever handled a brown envelope himself.

I am sure that some Rochdale Lib Dems have been involved in CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

Well done Dave. For whatever reason, you have got out in the nick of time.

Chris Paul said...

In the "Nick" of time? I have no doubt that Henn is corrupted, corrupt and corrupting but dealing with brown envelopes? I doubt it.

And have any of you daft anonymouses got any proof that PR Paul Rowen, though thoroughly and openly involved as a Director and shareholder and collaborator with the local Property Company Corinya's Ugandan subsidiary, previously at least unapologetic for Big Asbestos, sucking up to MMC and responsible as Council leader and beyond for Town Centre and Spodden craziness has ever taken a brown envelope in his life?

If there is any of this to expose it's worth trying the Greater Manchester Police, though to be fair their predecessors messed up badly with Cyril Smith's apparently criminal sexualised physical abuse sex shame. And with that Stephan Kiszko miscarriage of justice, egged on by Sir Cyril. And even in regard to Mr Henn himself ...

Allegedly letting him off in pursuit of the Big Fish. So folk close to GMP tell me anyway.

The fact that Paul Rowen's constituents and a part landlord of Rochdale MBC (Lib Dem) the Corinya people are co-directors and co-shareholders with him in Corinya (Ug) Limited is quite properly declared in his RMI.

Must be alright then.

Big Bro said...

Have patience Mr Paul and the anonytrolls....

Those who have the authority to punish (if guilt is proven) may already be investigating.

Best to let due process happen.

Chances are there isn't long to wait.

tory boys never grow up said...

Big Bro

Past experience of the RLDs tells us that punishment of the guilty can be somewhat prolonged - we are still waiting a certain other Big Bro - and his not so Little Bro!

Chris Paul said...

It may be that Big Bro is not relying on the forces of RLD investigations is all I will say at this point TBNGU. I will not be drawn further.

But it is now widely known that Dave Hennigan is mightily pissed that his Rowenstein monster has turned on him and shown him the door to the dynamic duo's CrapCave.

Henn lost his marriage .. for Rowen, relocated miles from family .. for Rowen, and undoubtedly it was his dirty tricks that have won it for Rowenstein and also sheltered Count Smithcula from the withering daylight, garlic, crucifixes and heart-stakes the old bastard deserved.

Clearly Adam "The Power" Power is more ruthless and disloyal and machievellian than even he seems.

Malcolm Porn-O said...

How on earth did you scoop me on my mate Dave's demise you socialist bastard. Was it the fact I was drooling over Miss Rochdale candidates, slaving over the hot tools of my trade?

benchilltory said...

this is all very well but the Libdems will win in both Rochdale and Withington with increased majorities.they may even give trougher Kaufman a surprise in old Gorton.
Gordon Brown 5 more months!

Anonymous said...

Lib Dems managed to come sixth in yesterday's Glasgow by election with just over 2% of the vote!

Anonymous said...

News in today's Observer is that another one of Rowen's staff has jumped ship. Alex Webster, his parliamentary assistant in London, told anyone who would listen that Rowen was an arse who made her skin crawl.

Hennigan, D said...

Sinking Rats Ship Leaving

Al the Greengrocer said...

Don't be under any misapprehension that Hennigan was the person that brought dirty politics to the Lib Dems in Rochdale. The Rochdale Lib Dems have been fighting dirty for the past 40 years.
Smith joined the Liberals in the late 60's along with his coterie and quickly dislodged Garth Pratt as their parliamentary candidate in Rochdale. Ask Garth Pratt about Smith's tactics. By the way, Garth later saw the light and joined the Labour Party.
Then, once established as candidate Smith started to publicly slag off the late Jack McCann, then Labour MP for Rochdale, for being invisible, when he knew full well the reason was because Jack was dying of cancer. This is of course, the same Jack McCann who allegedly pulled the fat bastard out of the shit a few years earlier over certain allegations we all know well.
In the 1970's Smith was responsible for the biggest white elephant in Rochdale - The Gracie Fields Theatre. Most councils tend to put their main performing arts centre in their town centres, but no, not Rochdale. Smith insisted it be put next to Oulder Hill School, about 4 miles out of the centre. Guess who was Chairman of Governors at Oulder Hill? Yes - Smith. Now today when we see the Rochdale Lib Dems rabbit on about an Arts Centre in Rochdale Town Centre, it makes me puke because we could have had one 30 years ago - were it not for Smith.
Over the years, Smith gathered round him a bevvy of young, ruthless activists who would stop at nothing to get a vote. One was a young man by the name of Paul Rowen who got elected to the Council in the early 1980's and was groomed by Smith to succeed him, until an actress from London, Liz Lynne, came and buggered up his plans.Let me tell you, when it comes to nasty politics, Hennigan is a rank amateur compared with his ex-boss. At the same time, there grew a whole army of these vicious, stop at nothing activists - John Swarbrick, David Clayton and John Heyworth (but Mr. Heyworth had his political career prematurely cut short!!).
In the late 1980's, the Lib Dem Group on Rochdale Council actually elected a true, radical, bona-fide Liberal to be their Group Leader - Brenda Bridge. Brenda stood against Norman Smith who was the inbumbent leader and beat him. Of course, little brother went bawling to big brother and between them, along with help from others, slowly undermined Brenda bit by bit, until finally she had had enough and resigned the leadership, resigned her council seat and resigned from the party. Labour subsequently won the ensuing council by-election comfortably.
So my point is (and sorry for rambling on a bit) is that Hennigan did not bring nastiness to the Rochdale Lib Dems. It was already there, It is endemic in them. And it will continue without Dave Hennigan.

Chris Paul said...

Al the Greengrocer; you have many good points here many of which LOL have heard also from "other" sources.

It goes without saying that Rochdale is a hotbed for venal nasty bullying "liberalism" aka "fuck everyone" opportunist careerism. And also much nonsense from many poli activists of all stripes.

Rowen is way light of the standard. But Henn washed up there because it was/is a den of depraved thievery. He didn't start it. But he had the appetite and, let's face it, the hard skills to win elections.

Why was he sacked? After years of nonsense. Is he really sacked? Will a slush fund, from councillor tithe or whatever, not provide the means for desperate PR to employ nasty DH?