Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spectator Coffee House: Reductive Speculative Sloppy and Ignorant

Over at The Spectator Coffee House David Blackburn is conflating best practice with worst practice. Recruiting not-sure-to-vote members of the electorate to Postal Votes is best practice and good for turn out and democracy. Obviously gaming PVs, PV factories and so on would be worst practice.

Blackburn's post is sloppy and ignorant, as I comment:

This seems to be speculative nonsense. People with PVs are about three times as likely to vote as those without. Weather doesn't intervene. Holidays don't. Illness doesn't. Work doesn't. Can't be bothered less likely. Which is why all parties in close run seats try to get their known or likely supporters on PV. Conflating a perfectly logical optimisation exercise with cheating seems sloppy and ignorant. I repeat: sloppy and ignorant.

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benchilltory said...

Glasgow votes to keep punching itself in the face
“Ah’ve voted Labour aw ma life an’ they’ve always done right by me,” says jobless 45 year-old with no teeth who lives in his own piss